Hail to the NBI Class of 2015

Well, May has come and gone, and with it the now annual Newbie Blogger Initiative event.

NBI_Logo_450I only put up one post about the event this time around, slacker that I am, and did not engage in any of the talk back challenges.  Such is life.  But I do want to call out the final tally of new and returning bloggers who joined in this year.

That list is shorter that last year, which was shorter than the year before, all of which was shorter than the initial class.

But that is 22 new or revived blogs publishing away here at the start of summer.  Hopefully a good chunk of them will still be around to participate for the 2016 edition.  Blog fading is a common problem, as we have seen when tracking past NBI classes.

Anyway, Hail to the Class of 2015!  Long may they publish!

4 thoughts on “Hail to the NBI Class of 2015

  1. NBIWhereAreTheyNow

    Be fun to see a progress report of those sites from the prior years, not that I have to give you ideas for content…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NBIWhereAreTheyNow – Well, I did a follow up a year after the first NBI class, but then got a very angry email from a participant about being overly negative and unsupportive with that post, so I have been a bit reluctant to go that route in subsequent years. It is not my event and I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade.


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