Honest Game Trailers – Heroes of the Storm

Still because SynCaine.


3 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers – Heroes of the Storm

  1. SynCaine

    I enjoy seeing people go through the stages of HotS education, pace may vary based on rate of learning:

    1: “Finally an easy MOBA ‘for the rest of us'” (‘The rest of us’ being the two weird kids not playing LoL/DOTA2 like literally EVERYONE else in the world for the last few years).
    2: Weee fun maps and no flaming what a great game and community!
    3: :after first ranked game: NM about that community thing.
    4: :after 4th ranked game: Game is ok, not great, kinda lacks something…
    5 :after 6th ranked game: Game is pretty boring, I don’t feel like I make a difference, not sure why…
    6 Uninstall, hopefully before spending any money.

    Poor poor New Blizzard, one can only hope they go down the SOE route and find a new way to entertain us (that new way being us all laughing at them, of course.)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I went through a much shorter cycle.
    -Install, launch
    -Realize that it is just as boring as LoL
    -Stop playing, but leave installed in case Blizzard will give me something in WoW for playing a few matches.
    -Find out it is only a crappy pet, don’t even do that.


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