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Quote of the Day – Smart Money

To the rest of you, I only have this to say: stop buying virtual items for a goddamn game you don’t have. What in the holy phuck is the matter with you?!? You know how many indie games you could’ve bought and supported and been PLAYING by now?!?

Derek Smart, on Star Citizen

Derek Smart, no stranger controversy and visions unmet, weighs in with an epic post on his own blog about Star Citizen and getting to where it is headed and what the game will be when and if it gets there.

Yeah, there are bigger, headline quality, money quotes in his post.  Expect to see this one show up a lot, with or without context:

Without disrespect to anyone, I’m just going to say it: it is my opinion that, this game, as has been pitched, will never get made. Ever.

And yes, there is also a good deal of self-promotion in that post as well.

But he does cover a lot of ground on just how difficult it can be to get to where your vision wants to take you with an open world, multiplayer, “be all the things” space simulation, something he spent most of his own adult life trying to create.


And it also opens up the discussion, picked up by Damion Schubert, about what something like Star Citizen, which has raised $85 million dollars so far, might end up doing to the crowdfunding scene should it fail to substantially deliver on its vision and promises.  A lot of people bought virtual ships that they really, really want to use.  The backlash could be bad.

So what do you think is going to happen?

Aegis and the Return of Heavy Missiles

Another few weeks have gone by and we have yet another content expansion from CCP.  Today they launched the Aegis, an expansion which has a number of features that actually affect me directly.

That isn’t always the case.

Sure, the refinement of the overview icon changes from Carnyx last month affects everybody who undocks.  But I have sort of gotten used to the changes by this point… run anomalies or missions for a while and things will start to become clear eventually… so I am not sure how big of a deal this will be.

And then there is the final tactical destroyer promised at EVE Vegas last year, the Gallente Hecate.

At least it is another tube with spikes

At least it isn’t another tube with spikes

That will certainly come into play for me if it ends up being another new, OP, soon to be nerfed, flavor of the month available at a gate camp near by.  But it is unlikely I will fly one any time soon.

And there are even a bunch of ship skins for ships that people in null sec actually fly.  Stealth bomber and Interdictor skins for everybody!  I will be looking to buy the Wiyrkomi skins for the Harpy, Hawk, Buzzard, and Manticore straight away.

But the big news in Aegis for me is a one-two punch that affects the ships we fly.

The first is the nerf to the ever-present Ishtar heavy assault cruiser.  There have been a couple of swipes at the dominance of drone boats in general, and the Ishtar in particular since the death of mass drone assist a year back.  And still, the ship is ubiquitous to the point that the game has been called Ishtars Online at times.  Reavers have been undocking and living out of Ishtars since October 2014.

That Stratios though... that is not doctrine...

Ishtars, two or three graphic updates back…

As announced in this forum thread, the Ishtar is losing a mid-slot, gaining a low slot, and losing some speed and power grid.  That, along with a minor reduction in the effectiveness of drone damage amplifiers is the current CCP plan to reduce the wide-spread use of shield tanked Ishtar fleets.  We’ll see how that goes.

But it is the second half of the one-two punch that really interests me, and that is the possible resurgence of heavy missiles… because I have all those skills trained to V already, so I am rarin’ to go on that front.

Back in 2012, during the height of the Drake dominance of null sec fights, heavy missiles rained down upon our foes as we tooled along at 1,000 m/s in MWD fit missile boats.  My first big null sec fight at EWN-2U was a missile fest.

Pouring out missile fire

Pouring out a curtain of missiles

Then came firewall defenses, drone assist, a hit to heavy missiles, and finally the big Drake nerf, and the ship, along with its primary weapon, went from dominance to the ever present “can I bring my Drake?” meme.

The internet caters to all my needs...

The internet caters to all my needs…

Now though, CCP has come back to missiles.  We are getting two new modules:

  • Missile Guidance Enhancers – Low slot modules that increase missile explosion velocity, lower explosion radius, increase missile flight time and increase missile velocity
  • Missile Guidance Computers – Mid slot modules that increase missile explosion velocity, lower explosion radius, increase missile flight time and increase missile velocity. These modules can use Missile Precision and Missile Range scripts and can of course be overheated.

Those two modules, along with a 5% boost to heavy missile damage, and changes to missile hit points and resistances, may bring missiles back to null sec PvP in a big way.  There are already fits being talked about, so we might soon see Drakes, or missile fit Tengus, or masses of Talwars, or Ravens with with cruise or rapid heavy launchers undocking some day. (Reavers, ahead of the curve with Ravens.)  Again, we shall see.

And then there are some graphics updates, a new model for the Cerberus, so it isn’t just a Caracal with a different skin (making this a rare screen shot I guess), and a boost to the rate of fire bonus for the Tempest battleship.

Cerberus refined

Cerberus refined

The patch notes for Aegis are here, and the EVE Update page has an overview of the features.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an EVE Online expansion without its own theme song.  It feels like it is missing a didgeridoo or something.  Now we just have to wait a week for the Fozzie Sov features to drop.