Return of the Isle of Refuge

As mentioned in my previous post this morning, I was away for the week so the posts that went up on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were written well in advance of their going live.  So my Tuesday post about the EverQuest II time locked expansion servers going live was working on the information I had at the time and lacked any immediate action on my part.

So I was pretty surprised to find upon my return that Daybreak had pulled a fast one and had actually put the Isle of Refuge back into the game for these servers.  I logged in and made a character… a barbarian berserker, which is my default EQII character choice most days of the week… and found myself, as Bhagpuss put it, on the boat and on my way to the isle.

Where are we headed Captain Varlos?

Where are we headed Captain Varlos?

In fact, when you create a character you are back to the two original choices.  No Frostfang Sea or Darklight Wood options were displayed.

You have your choice between two identical islands...

You have your choice between two identical islands…

I ran through the boat ride and landed on the Isle of Refuge, but stopped there.  It did appear that, if the whole retro isle experience wasn’t your thing, you could leave immediately as opposed to after you finished up the main quest chain.

The servers themselves seemed pretty busy for a Thursday night.

TimeLockedServersPvE seemed to be beating out PvP for the time being, and enough people were rolling in then that I ended up in Queen’s Colony 3 on the PvE side of the house.

I will have to devote some time to playing this weekend to see how the retro experience stacks up to my memories.

And there is an incentive to get into the game sooner rather than later.  Daybreak is offering a 16 slot bag to those who log in before August 7.

Subscribers Only

Subscribers Only

Given that you start out with a single 4 slot bag… where will I store all my stuff… that seems like a good thing.

Now to decide which trade skill to pick up.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Isle of Refuge

  1. bhagpuss

    I hear talk of this legendary bag but I haven’t seen it. Don’t tell me it’s in /claim, where they said we needn’t bother looking because TLE characters weren’t entitled to claim anything. Oh, wait…I bet it’s in the store for 0SC…

    As retro experiences go so far mine has been not very. It’s not actually all that long since I last played on IoR because I kept a character on there right until it closed down, which wasn’t that long ago – three years? There is absolutely no authenticity involved, of course. Not only does this IoR have a shared bank but you can come back via the bell whenever you want, rendering the angst over when you should leave null and void.

    Still a lot of fun though. My SK is level 5 now. Going to complete the main quests on IoR then go to Freeport and try the sewers I think.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – My memory of the IoR was that it always had a bank with shared slots accessible, because I made some decent coin at one point by leaving a guy on the island and handing over shell and feather collectibles to put on the main market.

    I like the guy on the dock who says, “Woooo! Nostalgia!” and similar phrases when you hail him.

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  3. bhagpuss

    Yet another example of how unreliable memory is – mine, not yours! I could have sworn the shared bank was added to IoR in one of the several revamps but a quick google confirms it was there from the very beginning. Pretty sure I’m not misremembering how very much harder the fights used to be though. I remember having all kinds of trouble with, for example, getting the ore from the mine and killing the bears, just to name two. Not this time.


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