Project: Gorgon Kickstarter – Third Time’s a Charm?

Project:Gorgon is back for a third try at funding through Kickstarter.

ProjectGorgonLogoI have found fault in the past with various aspects of how Project: Gorgon kickstarters have been handled, with little build up, low press coverage due to almost no follow up, and the name of the game itself.  Also, Eric Heimburg?

And this time around is no exception.  Why, for example, would you want to launch a kickstarter campaign at 9pm Pacific time (midnight Eastern time) on a Friday night?  Who does that?  9am Tuesday morning yes, 9pm Friday night no.

Still, the campaign seems better situated this time around.  The first time out Eric Heimburg asked for $55K and got $14K in pledges.  The second time around he went for $100K and got $23K in pledges.

This time though he is asking for a mere $20K.  That should be attainable, right?

Meanwhile the game is already green lit on Steam, people have been able to play early versions of the game for a couple of years now as it has progressed (go straight to the site and download it), and despite the rather depressing cave-focused starting area, the whole thing opens up into a beautiful world.

The Kickstarter itself is focused on raising funds in order to contract out some work on guilds, guild halls, and mounts.

Backing the project can get you a number of perks from Steam beta access to thanks in the credits to a mount with special saddle bags allowing you to carry more items, and titles up to that of Archduke, which will allow you to name and help design a small city in the game.

The Kickstarter runs until Sunday, August 23 2015 at 9:00pm… another bad end time, he should have waited until Tuesday… and is already past the 20% funding mark, so is looking good on that front.  Maybe the third time, with a low goal, will be a charm.  Of course, if he goes past that too soon, he’ll have to start in on stretch goals.

The project itself is now slated to ship in December of 2016.

8 thoughts on “Project: Gorgon Kickstarter – Third Time’s a Charm?

  1. bhagpuss

    I pledged again. Only $25 because, well, the $25 pledge is kind of a good deal based on a release price of $39.99. You have to wonder who’s going to be paying $39.99 for Project:Gorgon in 2016/17 but anyway, notional bargain!

    I think if Eric gets as far as stretch goals this time round he should make the first one hiring a marketing consultant.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I’m in for $35, still a minor, non-Steam sale discount price, and also what I think I pledged on his previous runs. We’ll see if he ends up getting it from me this time around.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @zaphod6502 – There is a reason that releases come out on Tuesday in the US.

    -Almost never a holiday in the US
    -Doesn’t have the “back to work” stigma of Monday
    -All of the news and email from the weekend has been dealt with
    -Plenty of weekdays/work days left for news to resonate
    -Can fix or respond to any issues before the weekend hits

    The only downside is that everybody knows this, so releases tend to happen on Tuesdays, which causes people who don’t understand how calendar work to get hysterical every time Blizzard releases something on a Tuesday as it inevitably corresponds to somebody else’s release date so Blizzard is portrayed as a bully.

    If somebody like, say, ArenaNet didn’t want to have their release coincide with a Blizzard release, they could simply do it on another day of the week. But then, they wouldn’t have all the advantages of Tuesday.


  4. Gevlon

    My stand on this is the same: I’ll join Karmafleet before I give a single cent to a video game that isn’t released and running.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – So you don’t need a vouch for Karmafleet then?

    A completely reasonable stance. While I have had my bursts of unwarranted enthusiasm about Kickstarter in the past, I have tried to keep to projects where the team has a proven history and a plan that seems. You can look at my track record. There are a few emotional investments there, but mostly safe bets for things I wanted and ended up playing, even if I did not enjoy them. Project: Gorgon is probably more emotional than practical for me, but I still strongly suspect that we will end up with an actual game down the road based on what is available to play already today.


  6. Thee Reporter

    This is my review of the MMO Project Gorgon.

    I don’t see why this game is all the rage right now because
    I tried it and it really isn’t anything special at all.

    First off just to run this game you need a 64 bit
    Operating system because the client is so horribly
    unoptomized that you need over 1 Gig of ram just to
    run their crappy client therefore limiting the number of
    people who can play this game.

    So I did have a chance to try this game, this game is built
    off of the Unity Engine. The graphics on this game are
    old and outdated and the developer should have selected
    a way better engine to build this game off of.
    The developer has made a gross error right from the start
    with the selection of the unity engine.

    Once you get into the game itself the user interface itself
    is horribly clunky and you can’t reposition a lot of the bars
    in this game.

    The camera movement is horrible on this game the camera will
    just swing backwards sometimes on you when you are in a dungeon
    and the camera doesn’t properly follow your character.
    The whole way the camera follows your character in this game
    is horribly done.

    The game at points is very laggy as well and I believe that
    a lot of the time the server which is running this game
    can’t handle the load it is being put under.

    Soon as they put this game on Steam as well it is just going
    to get worse.

    So lets move onto the people that are playing this game over
    all a lot of the people who are playing this game are just
    eltist jerks who won’t help new players and are extremely
    unfriendly and rude. I found that it is best to keep off
    of the Global channel and avoid these people all together.

    so what do you do in this game? Basically the answer to that
    is grind. You are either grinding favor with certain NPCs or
    grinding for councils which is the money on Project Gorgon.
    Or grinding up skills.

    This game is extremely grindy and lacks a lot of other things
    to do that don’t require grinding. The game gets very repetitious
    and boring very fast with all the grinding which you have to do.

    A lot of the time in dungeons as well on this game the monsters
    respawn way too fast and can call other monsters who are in
    other rooms and calls them though the walls once again this just
    shows how buggy and poorly designed that this game is.

    Also when you first start this game they have set this game up
    in such a way that the NPC merchants in town only have a limited
    amount of money so it limits the amount of money you can make
    because when you sell them something the total is deducted from
    the amount of money available from that NPC and the only way to
    make it so that NPC has more money available is to grind favor
    with that NPC to get to the next higher favor level. Which makes
    making councils in this game a real pain.

    Skills in this game are quite broken right now as well such
    as Necromancy and a lot of the animal skills as well.

    The game also seems to lack any kind of PVP as well with only one
    dungeon area where you can PVP. There is no open world PVP in
    this game.

    Even for this game being Alpha it is poorly designed and being
    poorly developed and it isn’t really worth your time.


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