How to get Your Steam Left Hours Down

Steam Left is the web site that calculates how many hours of play time you have left before you can claim you have “finished” the games in your Steam library.  You can find the site here.

Back during the Steam Summer Sale I was looking at how many hours I had left.  It was a good year’s worth of work, playing 40 hour weeks, using the standard “2,000 working hours in a year” rule of thumb I learned ages ago.

74 days would get me through the summer...

Your Steam library… it isn’t a job, it’s an adventure!

I knocked off a couple hours myself this summer, but I found a way to bring that number down some more.  My daughter was complaining of summer boredom so I installed Steam on her computer and logged my account in and told her to play whatever she wanted.  She has an iMac, so she couldn’t play everything on the list, but there are (to me) a surprising number of titles supported both Windows and Mac OS.

So for about a week she went through and played Sim City 4 and Tropico 4 (which was a real bargain when I grabbed it) and a few other titles.  All in all she ended up playing about a dozen hours worth of Steam games before she moved on to other things.

So, with 1,767 hours left on the estimate, I still have about a year of full time work to go on my library, but at least a few hours were knocked off.

6 thoughts on “How to get Your Steam Left Hours Down

  1. mbp

    I am pretty sure you are breaking terms of service by letting someone else use your Steam account even though your daughter is unlikely to shop you. There is however an official way to do this through “family sharing”. It is a bit fiddly to set up but basically it allows your daughter to play your games using her own Steam account. One advantage is that she can play a game without affecting your progress or achievements.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mbp – They lock you out so only one client at a time can play. I am not particularly concerned that Steam is going to come after me, given that they have a family sharing option. My daughter had a Steam account at one point, but then, against my express instructions, identified herself as female and started getting all sorts of unwanted attention from males, so that had to go. She can use my account, since her account was essentially made unusable.


  3. welshtroll

    What have you done! “It would take you 4056 continuous hours”

    The Steam sharing option is great, especially for single player games as I tend to buy them or collect them in Humble Bundles and my wife is able to play them as long as I don’t need me Steam while she’s playing.

    Well no time to sit here chatting I have a lot of hours to put in it seems :)


  4. zaphod6502

    Life is too short to worry about Steam stats (or any stat for that matter). Just play whatever game you want to and enjoy it regardless of time spent. ;)


  5. anon

    Well, unless you are doing it as punishment, you can just create a new account and renew the express directives about personal information. Maybe you could even setup a family share from the old account to the new one, if it can be done privately.


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