Mordus Angels Overrunning West Pure Blind!

Well, I have to give Mordus Angels (MOA) credit for persistence.  Holding three systems in the west end of Pure Blind puts them about two systems ahead of what I thought they would be able to hang onto at any given time.  They even hold a system with a station and can dock up, since it is currently a freeport.

West Pure Blind - August 18, 2015

West Pure Blind – August 18, 2015

Though you know what I see in that screen shot?  I see just one more TNT system in the west end of Pure Blind to be rid of and then living there and holding the systems on a day to day basis becomes somebody else’s problem.  And F-NMX6 is likely to stay ours for a while.  The ADM is 5.8 on it, so MOA isn’t likely to be able to crack it without getting a response.

Meanwhile, squeezed between NPC Pure Blind, which includes MOA’s home system 5ZXX-K, and Tribute, are another set of TNT systems that remain untouched. (Along with some more GSF systems.)

MoA's immediate neighborhood

MoA’s immediate neighborhood

MoA is clearly, and smartly, using this sovereignty transfer in the west end of Pure Blind as an opportunity.  And well they might.  You should hit your enemy… and MOA’s whole raison d’etre is shooting Goons… when they are at their weakest.  I’m sure Sun Tzu or Clausewitz had something to say on that.

So we are exposed as we go through the sov transfer mambo and should probably expect more turbulence until the systems have been taken and the ADMs have been pushed up through strategic ratting and mining fleets.  Then we’ll likely be back to MOA hunting for ratting carriers and other targets of opportunity.

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  1. Whisperen

    Thanks for a accurate summary it will be interesting to see if we (moa) can continue this sort of activity after the fozziesov changes or if smaller entities will be once again locked out of this form of game play.


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