Project: Gorgon ends up with $74,781

“Op success!” as we sometimes say in EVE Online.

Project: Gorgon overcame its somewhat unloved name and rose from relative obscurity to garner a lot more followers, some decent press coverage, and managed to rais $74,781 from 1,318 backers over the course of its 30 day Kickstarter campaign.


There are some summaries over at Kicktraq if you want to see how the campaign played out.  There was certainly a surge during the last 48 hours as people pledged.  But for me, success is best defined by these summaries over at Kicktraq that sizes up the three Kickstarter campaigns for the project.

Summaries from Kicktraq

Summaries from Kicktraq

The first two times out the campaigns hovered around 300 supporters.  The word was not getting out, or if it was, people were not buying it.  But this time around 1,000 more people showed up to back the project, so that even though it was asking for much less money, it ended up succeeding far beyond the past two runs.

So congratulations to Eric Heimberg and Sandra Powers, both for success in their funding drive and for getting more people interested in their project overall!  Now it is just the run to the December 2016 promised launch date.  The game is already in a playable state, so what will it be like then?