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Ruins of Kunark Unlocked on Ragefire

Back at the launch of the EverQuest time locked expansion servers, the unlock plan that was voted into place by the players asked for a six month gap before the first expansion unlock vote would occur.

And then the usual drama happened, with restless raiders, complaints about multi-boxers camping all the good spawns, and a feeling in some quarters that everything would be better if Daybreak would only open up the Ruins of Kunark expansion.  That would raise the level cap and open up a bunch of new low level areas.

The only fully good MMO expansion ever

The only fully good MMO expansion ever

So Daybreak put up a poll asking if they should unlock the expansion early.

Vote early, vote often, vote all your accounts

Now, three months, or six month

In the end, the original rules got the most votes.  However, it did not win a majority.  A majority voted for now or three months.  So in one of those compromises where nearly everybody feels a bit cheated, Daybreak decided to change the unlock time frame on Ragefire only to 30 days.  The Lockjaw server would remain at 60 days.

Daybreak did eventually open up the ability to buy a character transfer between the two servers so players could theoretically be on the unlock plan they desired.  However, those transfers stopped last week because the unlock vote on Ragefire hit, because if the two servers get out of sync on expansions, transfers will not be allowed.  You can’t be carrying Kunark loot to Lockjaw.

And transfers will stay locked because the Kunark vote passed.

The Ruins of Kunark expansion is now officially live on Ragefire.  Holly post a picture of people waiting at the dock for the boat.

Ragefire Kunark line

Ragefire Kunark line

About the same size crowd as was waiting for the expansion back on the Fippy Darkpaw server in 2011 I suppose.

Now will people be happy with Kunark for a full six months?