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All Low Cards in the EverQuest II Server Merge Name Poll

As I mentioned in the post about the EverQuest II North American server consolidation plan, I managed to have characters on three different servers, none of which are being merged together.  Go me.

To review, the plan is to merge these three groups of servers each into a single new server:

Server Group 1

  • Butcherblock
  • Crushbone
  • Oasis

Server Group 2

  • Everfrost
  • Guk
  • Unrest

Server Group 3

  • Freeport
  • Nagafen
  • Permafrost

And, as noted before, I have characters on Crushbone, Guk, and Freeport, so no character consolidation here.

The new servers were each given a theme from which Daybreak would draw potential names that players from the appropriate old servers could then vote on.  The names have now been chosen and the polls are up on the live servers and I am underwhelmed by the choices.

For the first server group, the theme was the Desert of Flames expansion.  I kind of liked that expansion, though the plague of flying carpets that came from it annoyed me.  But the list of names that made the cut… well…

Poll on Crushbone

Poll on Crushbone

In the end I chose Maj’Dul because it was the shortest of the choices and I have somewhere acquired the belief that server names ought to be short and easily distinguished/recognizable.  Poet’s Palace is/was a popular place, and what Izlain chose, but I don’t want to wonder if somebody who mentions it now is talking about the location in-game or the server itself.

The second server group was given the Kingdom of Sky expansion as a theme.  That is an expansion I do actively dislike.  It was enough to drive me to World of Warcraft full time when it came out and has been a barrier for me for many years.  There is a reason I had a set of characters that I just stopped playing at around level 60.

And name choices from that expansion continue the tradition of being somewhat disappointing.

The Guk

Poll on Guk

Here the poll should have asked me to choose the name that I DISLIKED LEAST, to steal their capitalization scheme.   I eventually went with Tenebrous Tangle because, if nothing else, the idea of a “tangle” represents the expansion for me pretty well.   Yeah, I am not even following my own rules about simplicity on this one, or I would have gone with Halls of Fate.  But I only have a single character on Guk in any case, so it is unlikely that I will play him or refer to that server much going forward.

Finally, the third server group got Rise of Kunark as their theme, which for me at least portended some decent, old school Norrathian options for the poll.  This is what we got:

Poll on Freeport

Poll on Freeport

And my reading of the portents was correct and I actually had to choose amongst a few viable options.  The first and last choices were a bit long, but the other three were about all one could ask for… or about all I could ask for I suppose.  In the end I went with Skyfire, it being the easiest to say/remember.  It doesn’t say “Kunark” to me really, but whatever.  And, outside of the special rules Stormhold server, it will end up being the server I am most likely to play on going forward.

So those are the options we have.  The poll itself runs through September 15th, so you have time to go and vote.

Meanwhile, Feldon over at EQ2Wire has some details and a list of common questions and answers about the upcoming server consolidation posted for your edification.