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New EverQuest II Server Names Announced

The plan to consolidate/merge the North American EverQuest II servers, aside from the ever/over popular Antonia Bayle server and the two new TLE servers, Stormhold and Deathtoll, took another step forward yesterday with the results of the naming poll being announced.

Near Najena

Entering a new era… or Najena… one of those…

The winning names were:

Butcherblock, Crushbone, and Oasis servers voted for: Maj’Dul

·Everfrost, Guk, and Unrest voted for: Halls of Fate

·Freeport, Nagafen, and Permafrost voted for: Skyfire

If you go back and look at the options the polls offered, you will see that the shortest name on each ballot won, something I have seen pointed out several times.  I wasn’t keen on any of the choices really, but the result ended up about as well as I could have hoped.  Shortest is probably bestest in this case.  And I even voted that way on two of the three and suggested that I probably should have on the third.  I just didn’t like “Halls of Fate.”  Ah well, that is at least easier to type/spell than my choice of “Tenebrous Tangle.”

There was another bit of news in the announcement about going from a consolidation to merge methodology.

Another note on the server moves… We are going back to the “merge” methodology for this effort. Changing the entire way our data works for this process was very risky and we didn’t want to rush it and test it on your characters. That said, we didn’t want to wait on taking care of our server populations. The teams are reviewing all the areas we need to update the merge process. Still, all the questions and concerns we addressed in our FAQ are still in the plan. Also, after the U.S. merges, we will run a free one-week transfer period that will include free transfers for Antonia Bayle players to other U.S. servers.

Going to the FAQ about the whole thing, consolidation meant moving the data from all three servers onto a fourth, free server/database.  So I would guess that changing over to a merge now means that one of the servers will be the base and the other two will get moved into it.

Of course, there is at least one question on the FAQ that might need to be updated:

Q: I don’t know if this is true, but people on my server have said that guilds are often deleted when the servers were merged. Is this true, and if it is, what can I do to make sure that my guild will not be deleted?

A: This is not true for this server consolidation.

Yeah, but this isn’t a server consolidation any more, and the answer at least implies that it could be true for a merge.  Should we worry now?  Hah!

There are still no firm dates, though the whole plan appears to be sliding into October, which of course brings up some concerns about having problems just before the as-yet-unnamed expansion, which was announced earlier this week, enters the picture.  Always something new to fret about.

My Age Based on My Video Game Preferences

There is a short, somewhat visually oriented quiz over at BuzzFeed that will attempt to guess your age based on your video game preferences.

Some of the questions were straight up simple for me to answer.

There can be only one... hundred and one... or more...

There can be only one… hundred and four… or more…

Others were… more obscure to me.  And there were not that many questions, so the whole thing was soon attempting to assign me an age… or no age at all.  I got this:

Every age is no age at all

Every age and no age

So that’s it, the blog is going to change to The Ageless Gaming Noob.  I have certainly been around for almost every generation of video games, though I have never been the best gamer on any block.

Of course, when I went back to take the thing again I got a different result, no doubt due to different answers on the questions that had no real meaning… and thus triggered no specific response… to me.  I ended up as a mere teen.

I don't want to be a teen again!

I don’t want to be a teen again!

That can’t be right.  I certainly am not big on streaming or league gaming, and I certainly remember a world without the internet.  It was a grim place of half-guessed trivia and not quite knowing where you had seen that actor before.

I blame knowing how many Pokemon there were for that result.

Anyway, a moment’s distraction on the internet… which I suppose is like pointing out a drop of water in the ocean, but there you have it.