Expansions Win Again – EVE Online Returning to Larger Releases

According to CCP_Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE Online, at the onset of the 07 Show earlier today, and followed up by a Dev Blog on the topic, CCP has recognized that having everything showing up their about-every-five week drops has caused the whole system of updates and features to become a bit confusing.

Also, a picture from space

Also, a picture from space

Well, for me it has all pretty much become a blur.  I remember Phoebe, because of jump fatigue, and Aegis, because that was the final switch over to Fozzie Sov, but other than that… well… Crius was something about industry maybe?   I’d have to go look them up to be sure which expansion brought what feature.

So expansions will be back.  The smaller releases allowed some things, but fell short on two fronts laid out by CCP Seagull:

  • It encouraged us to take bigger changes that should really belong together and chop them up into multiple releases once each part was done – which has created a disjointed experience in some cases
  • We put a lot of responsibility on you players to figure out what’s coming and when, and what the future of EVE is, instead of us packaging big changes together and telling you about them all at once

CCP is not going to do away with regular updates.  The five week release schedule will remain for smaller items.  But major features will be held back and released as full fledged expansions as opposed to coming in bits and pieces that way the sov changes have been coming over the last year or so.

Expansions won’t be on the twice-a-year schedule we grew used to during the first decade of EVE Online.  They will come at need to deliver big features to the game when they need to.

Coming on the heels of the EverQuest and EverQuest II announcements that expansions are back, along with the ArenaNet decision to go with an expansion for Guild Wars 2 this year after nay saying the whole idea previously, I am going to take this as some sort of endorsement that the big event that is an expansion is still a thing worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Expansions Win Again – EVE Online Returning to Larger Releases

  1. SynCaine

    It makes sense, mainly for the reason you raised initially: Expansions are an event that gets people to jump in and try the game. I also think getting away from ‘must do two expansions’ is smart as well. If a major feature needs extra time, I’d rather they take it than chop it up or not do it at all because it doesn’t ‘fit’ into some release schedule.


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