The Trilogy is Complete – World of Warships Goes Live’s Land/Sea/Air trio of online action games is now complete.  Today World of Warships takes its place beside World of Warplanes and World of Tanks as a live game, finished in the way that any such game is finished… meaning a team will probably keep working on it for years to come.

It has been a while since we first heard about the game.  I first posted about World of Warships back in August of 2011 when there were trailers for the two “new” games, that and World of Warplanes.


State of affairs back in 2011

Of course, back then it had a different name and seemed to emphasize only the big guns of the battleships that were then part of the title.


Heavy broadsides

I was interested in it back then, when World of Tanks was still new and fresh, though I was wondering how they were going to pull off 20th naval combat.  Combat between battleships of that era, as I mused, was generally an at or over the horizon affair.  The range of the big guns made the idea of laying along side, as in the age of sail, a silly idea.  How was going to accommodate that without either making a map so huge that nobody see the other side or nerfing the guns to unrealistic short range.

As it happened, revised the whole idea and the game was rechristened World of Warships and became a naval combined arms with destroyers, cruisers, and carriers joining the fray.

It has been in open-ish beta for a while now, with keys being handed out pretty freely.  I think I secured a code for the game back in the spring without much effort, and I have played a bit over the last few months.

It is a pretty good game, very much in the mold of World of Tanks; easy to get into and easy to play in short bursts when you don’t have hours of free time.  It might even be a little easier to start playing than its land based sibling, and it is certainly much, much easier to start off in than World of Warplanes.  A decent “other” game for somebody playing EVE Online. (There does seem to be some overlap on that front.)

And I expect it will follow the same trajectory as World of Tanks, with new ships being introduced over time and ships being rebalanced as players discover which ship is the best in each class and which are dogs.  And so it ever goes in such games.

With land, sea, and air covered, will go into space next?

6 thoughts on “The Trilogy is Complete – World of Warships Goes Live

  1. HarbingerZero

    Not sure we can really consider it all live when Warplanes is on life support. The US Server can barely scrape together 300 people a night, and the matchmaker has been changed so that 3 on 3 is the standard for battles…


  2. zaphod6502

    Warplanes hasn’t been released in any official capacity. It exists on life support at this time. You can’t even officially download it in the Asia market. I would say they probably missed the boat (pun intended) with that title as there is already established competition from a few other titles like War Thunder.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @zaphod6502 – I don’t know what you mean by “any official capacity” but World of Warplanes’ official launch date was November 12, 2013. That it didn’t do well, or that it did not extend to any markets outside of North America and Europe, is somewhat beside the point.

    I couldn’t get past the tutorial after it launched and went off to War Thunder.


  4. Pendan

    I would say WoWs is quite a bit easier to start playing than WoT. You start and can continue to play against computer controlled opponents instead of other players. The WoT hardest to understand and master mechanics like camo/bushes, armor angling, hull down/gun depression, and map memorization and tactics are not really issues with WoWs. I worry about the “simplicity” of WoWs. While it can be a turn off to some, at 1000 games of WoT and you are just starting to understand how long it will take to be good. At 1000 games in WoWs and I am worried you will be bored with nothing new to learn.

    I watched some Youtube videos of WoWs from one of the best players on the North American server in WoT. While everytime I watch his WoT videos I learn something new, the WoWs videos were long boring fights with nothing learned.


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