So Close to Taming an Ocelot…

After several expeditions into the nearby jungle biome, I finally ran across an ocelot in one of the clearings I had made on previous trips.  It wasn’t even a single ocelot, but an ocelot with two kits.  My quest to tame one seemed to be close to success.  I crouched, put a fish in my hand, and approached.

The ocelot family was attracted and came over to be fed.

The ocelot family, ready to be tamed

The ocelot family, ready to be tamed

It was only then that I noticed that I had forgotten to grab that stack of fish I had set aside for this venture and had only three fish available.  Three attempts to tame the ocelots.  And they all failed.

Once the last fish was gone they sprinted off into the jungle.

The hunt continues.

5 thoughts on “So Close to Taming an Ocelot…

  1. Enaldi

    I tamed one. I got the siamese. He followed me around for a while, then, later in the day of day 1 of having a cat, he disappeared at the base, never to be seen again. There’s no consensus on google as to what could have happened. He may have randomly despawned, been killed by something somehow without my noticing, teleported into an underwater grave and suffocated, or comitted suicide, according to the threads. Maybe M3 will have a better theory. Anyway, If you get one, don’t get too attached!


  2. Enaldi

    UPDATE: There’s been a miraculous turn of events. Last night i was working quietly on the new equine center when Skronk yelled that he heard a cat! It was coming from the woodshop. So i ran there and sure enough, there he was, just sitting and getting trampled by villagers. The thing is, i’ve been in the woodshop lots of times since he went missing and i swear he wasn’t there. I’m so relieved! Yes, i will give Siamini a nametag now.


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