Multibuy – A Vanguard Feature I Totally Underrated

When the Vanguard expansion for EVE Online hit last week, I was quick to highlight a few of the obvious “big” features that it delivered.

There was the boost in skills and skill points for new players.  Kind of a big deal, going from 50K to 400K skill points when starting off, though even if you’re just chugging along at 1,500 skill points an hour that puts you less than two weeks ahead.  Meaningful when you’re new, but not something that changes much for the long term.

Then there was the removal of Entosis Link module abilities from interceptors.  People can no longer troll with a cheap, interdiction nullified, speed boat.  The list of systems in play over at Timer Board seem to be down a bit.  Certainly I am getting less notifications when logging in about things being attacked, though I thought I heard somewhere that MOA moved down to Geminate for a bit to harass LAWN for a change.

Finally there was the combat battlecruiser rebalance that held the promise of bringing back battlecruisers.  Granted, we were already flying Feroxes for homeland defense fleets.  But now they are even better and there are already some possible Hurricane fits being passed around.

And then there was everything else, which I lumped into a bullet point list, drawing more attention to the fact that you could now mount festival launchers on your Archon than anything else.  Multibuy was in there somewhere, mentally dismissed by me as basically the flip side of multisell, which showed up with Phoebe.  I glanced at the dev blog for it, said “nice little feature” and moved on.

You can buy multiple things, how nice

You can buy multiple things, how nice

Unfortunately, in my cursory glance at the dev blog I missed the key item, which is summed up in a single button and which, if I had been writing the dev blog, I would have highlighted with giant flashing letters or, barring that, at least a big red arrow.

The big red arrow...

The big red arrow…

That is a “Buy All…” button in the in-game saved fitting window that lets you, with a single press of a button… um… buy all the things!

Multibuy instantly went from “How nice…” to “BEST FEATURE EVER!1!!1” in my book.

Literally, the main pain point in the game as I play it today was buying doctrine ships in Jita and making sure I had all the right items before I had them shipped out to our staging system.  You cannot press the “fit” button… another favorite of mine… to see if all the modules got picked up because rigs are one shot.  They get destroyed if you repackage a ship before having it hauled out to null sec, and you pretty much have to repackage for that.

Now I just import the fit into the game… thank you “Copy from Clipboard” feature… open it up,  press the button, and hey presto, I can buy it all!  And I can even buy multiples!

Sell me five Ishtar fits!

Sell me five Ishtar fits!

Once I saw this I was grinning like a baboon.

Baboons grin, right?  That is their thing, isn’t it, that and having a red ass?

Also, I think that is the original Reaver Ishtar fit I used as an example.  Not something we fly any more.

Anyway, I was so happy at this that I bought and shipped 10 Claw interceptors and associated fittings and shipped them all out to our staging system just because I could with a couple of clicks.

A Claw up close

A Claw up close

Then I fitted them all out and listed five on contract for pretty cheap just to get some of my money back.

(And then, in some sort of karmic circle of life thing, Norrec Lafisques, for whom that particular fit is named, bought a couple them, so I have that going for me… or something.)

Basically, instant quality of life improvement!  And, an added side benefit, since it prices out the hull and all the fittings for you, I also get a per-unit cost per ship without having to go back and add everything up manually.

Granted, buying whole ship fits right off the market really only works well if you’re buying Jita… or maybe Amarr… but since Jita seems to be the main supply point for our part of null sec, that works out for me.  I wouldn’t press that button in any other station.  We are pretty good at price gouging ourselves on in null.  Our Ferox fit had a rig change with Vanguard and, what do you know, the price of those went up ten fold.

All in all though, a great new feature.

Of course, as with any system, once you clear up one bottleneck you quickly find the next one.

In this case, I now really need some better way to organize my inventory.  I get by in Jita by keeping nothing in my station inventory, so when I am buying everything I buy gets shipped and when I am selling everything I have shipped in gets sold.  Nothing is allowed to linger aside from an Ibis and a couple of shuttles in the ship hangar.

That works great in Jita.

That doesn’t work at all for me in YA0-XJ or any other staging system where I may have stockpiled ammo or have drops looted from rats or after a battle or modules that have been replaced in doctrine fits or whatever other garbage I may have collected over the years. (A quick look at one of our coalition utilities shows I have 156,224 items in that station.  And while most of it is ammo, that still leaves a lot of items knocking around in the inventory window when I open it up. And the estimated value of all that is nearly 5 billion ISK, so now you know.)

So when I dump stuff into the inventory window to ship back to Jita… because you cannot contract it out of your ship’s inventory or a sub-container the last I looked… it gets mixed in with everything else and I inevitable end up sending a few items on a round trip.  This week I had a blockade runner filled with loot from ratting.  I shipped all that back to Jita to sell, but once I got it there I found a stack of Nanite Paste I needed back in the staging system as well as rigs for a couple of hulls I hadn’t gotten around to fitting yet.

So that is now my main pain point in the game, inventory management.

Of course, that is usually a major pain point for me in any game where you can accumulate things but have limited space… or even unlimited space, since even then you still have to be able to find things.

How CCP can fix that I am unsure, but I hope that is on their list somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Multibuy – A Vanguard Feature I Totally Underrated

  1. SynCaine

    This feature, when used outside of Jita/Amarr, will make more than a few people very broke as they buy something 2000%+ over market value. Good times.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Well, at least it gives you a preview and an evaluation of the price based on the market average for each line item, if people are careful.

    But the market in EVE is fraught with ways to screw up. How often have I accidentally bought something many jumps away or found that I had forgot to sort the window by price and ended up buying something for well above market price? Too often!


  3. Rob Kaichin

    Dude, Filters.

    They look like :effort:, but they’re glorious. Invest 2 mins into setting up a ‘Meta 4’, ‘T2’, ‘Deadspace’. filter set, and relaxxxxxx. You’ll never have to worry again, for the search box is with you.

    Seriously, Filters!


  4. Gavin

    The iteration on the multi buy feature that will cause me to break out in song is this: Multibuy from clipboard. Simply parse out item names and quantities from the text in my clipboard and open up the multibuy window.


  5. Telke

    Indeed, filters or buy a few Station Containers and sort things into those. In YA0 I have one for ‘Ratting Trash’, one small container for a specific ship’s extra modules, and then station containers for t1/meta, t2/deadspace and ammo/drones.


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