Quote of the Day – Statements Least Likely to Secure My Cooperation

PLEASE NOTE: Any alteration of art assets provided in this email (including but not limited to: flipping, major cropping, drop shadowing, stroking, glowing, and/or color/brightness/contrast modification) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED without express PRIOR CONSENT from ATLUS. Thank you for your cooperation!

I have ended up on quite a few PR mailing lists because… um… people in PR are clearly desperate or simply favor the shotgun approach to getting the word out.

But said press releases are generally quite enthusiastic and supportive in encouraging to me to mention whatever it is they are selling.  They are generally not laden with restrictions in a large red box at the top of the press release.

So, on reading this, my first reaction was to take some art asset provided and alter it in every way they described.  That would show them!

Then, after applying a rather disappointing glowing effect to a picture, laziness kicked in and I opted just to go with standard internet retort #22: Trollface.

You mad bro?

You mad bro?

I also save it in .GIF format in the hope of reducing image quality just that much more.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Statements Least Likely to Secure My Cooperation

  1. Gevlon

    Have you considered that the note was a purposeful trollbait and you fell for it and posted an image about their product, just as they wanted you to?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – I did, so I made sure that it was pretty difficult to make out the title of the game.
    You can still read it, but it isn’t very clear and the name was kind of dumb as it was, so you’re as likely as not to think it says something else if you didn’t know the title already. I did a brief focus group to get people to tell me the title. I also didn’t mention the title in the post nor did I directly bring attention to the name of the publisher, though that was in the original message.

    Basically, you can figure it out if you want to, but you have to work at it. Nobody is going to glean the title with just a quick glance at the post. But just to be sure, I went back and blurred the one semi-legible version of the title.

    My daughter asked me, “Dad, are you going to get sued for this?” I told her that I would not get sued. If the company gets their lawyer to send a cease and desist letter, I will take down the graphic, but I will then publish the letter to show what kind of company we’re dealing with here.


  3. anon

    Considering you have a foot in the satire waters here, I think they would have a really hard time getting any kind of result whatsoever, even if you decide to keep it on. Fair use.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anon – Indeed, and a wise company would just ignore this sort of thing because of the potential for negative publicity. But then I am pretty sure a wise company wouldn’t include that sort of statement about art assets in the first place. And this is the internet, where stupidity abounds. While I am reasonably sure I am within my rights, I wouldn’t part with several grand in legal fees to prove it should push come to shove.


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