Kickstarter – The EVE Online Control Panel

Possibly the greatest Kickstarter project that I will never back: The EVE Online control panel.

EVE reduced to a 15 control interface

EVE Online reduced to a 15 control interface

I think this is both hilarious and completely practical.  I have no doubt that if this were on my desk, I would use it.

The only problem is that to get on to my desk it needs to be about $99.  That is the mental price/utility threshold for me.  Instead it is about $250 for a kit to build it yourself and closer to $300 for a pre-built one.  I say “about” because it is coming from Canada, so I have to convert from Loonies to Greenbacks to figure it out.  And, because it is coming from Canada, that also means a shipping charge, a fee from customs, and probably a visit from the agents of Homeland Security to inquire as to the purpose of such a device.  I mean, it says “weapons” and “drones” right there on the front panel!

Still, I do think the whole idea is pretty awesome.  And there are 20 days left to go on the Kickstarter.  Maybe there will be a demo version at EVE Vegas that will convince me that it is totally worth the price.

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