Blog Banter 68 – Rig Check

This month’s EVE Online Blog Banter, number 68 in the series, is titled This is my Rig.

This is my Rig, There are Many Like it…
What do you play Eve on? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Are you pew-pewing on a laptop? Plotting universal domination on a 12 monitor set up? Mining away on a 50″ TV? Is your set up located where your other half can speak to you or do you lock yourself away for hours in your Eve themed shed? How do you play your important internet spaceships?

So I looked at my desk setup and realized that not much has changed over the last few years.  I did a post on a very similar topic back in 2007 and found that not much has changed on my desk.  So much so that I am not going to bother taking a new picture, because the old one still pretty much reflects my desktop situation.

The table is unusually clear in this picture

The table is unusually clear in this picture

Also, I would have to clean up the stacks of papers that tend to accumulated on either end of my desk for a decent picture.

But otherwise I have the same Dell 20″ 1600×1200 (4:3 ratio) monitor (still with the same desktop pattern), the same Logitech G15 keyboard (though the back lighting is going out on half the keys), the same Kensington Expert Mouse (though the ball was marred when one of the cats decided that biting it was a good idea), and the same Logitech speakers (which now have a loose wire in the volume control so I have to wiggle it sometimes to get sound).  Even the power strip and the holder for envelopes are the same more than eight years later.

EVE Online Jump Gate

Desktop picture for many years…

I am a couple of headsets down the road, though I still have the pair in the picture, a Plantronics .510 set, I just use it at work for VoIP calls rather than at home.  At home I have a Logitech g930 wireless headset, which I wrote about in another post, and which I am only moderately fond of.

And I have gone from a 3rd generation iPod to a 3rd generation iPod Nano, which I purchased not long after that picture was taken, so there is no longer an iPod dock on the desk, just a cable with the old style connector which works with both the iPod and my iPad 2.

What is under the desk has changed a few time since that picture was taken.  The big purple Alienware case is long gone.  The Velocity Micro system I got at the end of 2007, with an early Intel Quad Core processor, replaced my wife’s last computer and is still mostly suited to her needs.

The big black and well ventilated Cooler Master case from the system I built back in 2010 is still there.  However, after the big disaster of a year ago, when a power supply I had been thinking about replace went out and took almost everything connected with it, there was a pretty substantial rebuild.

So here is what is driving my gaming today:

  • Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H motherboard
  • Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz Processor
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 960 video card with 4GB of VRAM
  • 12GB of RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • 240GB SSD for the OS
  • 2TB internal HDD for storage
  • 2TB of external HDD for backups (all those screen shots gotta live somewhere)
  • 1 BluRay/DVD/CD Read/Write unit that survived the power supply incident

All of which is enough to give the system a Windows 7 experience score of 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 7.9… because why would we do something crazy and use a 1 to 10 scale or something. (The scale is different on Windows 8 and Windows 10 if I recall right.)


I also like how your score isn’t a weighted average or anything, but just the lowest item on the list.  I smell a marketing decision.

All of which gives me sufficient resources to run most games I play with the graphic settings turned up pretty high.  Specifically, I can play EVE Online in pretty graphics mode in a big battle with two clients running and things seem to run okay.  Windows 7 does insist on turning off the Windows Aero desktop graphics when I run two clients, but that is fine by me.

So that is what I am running.  Ergonomically I am still playing in 2007, while under the covers I do have enough horsepower to play what I want to.  I’ll probably need a new keyboard at some point, and I dream of a bigger monitor some day, but for now I am still set, and there are a lot of other things on the list that come ahead of new toys for me.

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8 thoughts on “Blog Banter 68 – Rig Check

  1. Liore

    Just one monitor?! I would go crazy with just one — if I had the time and money I would just surround myself with monitors, but for the time being two big ones suffice. Otherwise how do you play games and watch Hulu and catch up on Twitter at the same time?

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Liore – I have an iPad to watch Netflix and keep an eye on Twitter. I would like a bigger monitor, maybe one of those 30″ 2560×2600 units they have a Monoprice. But honestly, when I have had two monitors in the past, one tend to be underutilized.


  3. Jeromai

    Ah, I miss my old G15 keyboard. Word of advice, don’t accidentally get water into yours. ;)

    Found out the hard way they were using a membrane keyboard underneath. It’s amazing how much one misses the “v,” “b,” and “n” keys when they don’t work anymore.


  4. Mbp

    Do you use any of the features of your G15? I picked one up cheap in a remainder sale but sadly few modern games support the mini display. Mostly I leave it on clock.

    I recommend the free Windows 10 upgrade by the way. Very painless for me and runs every game I tried so far. Makes it feel like a new machine.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @MBP – I use the special keys in a few games. The LCD tends to just have the clock function up in most games, which is fine. I’ve grown used to it. But Mumble and TeamSpeak both integrate with the G15 so I don’t have to run the in-game overlay to see who is speaking, it comes up on the LCD. I am kind of bummed Logitech don’t make keyboards with the little LCD display anymore.

    @SynCaine – A lot of work I do is vertically oriented, so even though that screen has less pixels than a 1080p monitor, it is taller and thus easier for me to work with. I am constantly scrolling up and down, but I almost never have to scroll on the horizontal axis. At some point I will get a 30″ 2560×1600 monitor from Monoprice. But until I have the extra cash, the old Dell still works. (And it is still bigger than the monitor they gave me at work.)


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