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October in Review

The Site

WordPress.com has failed to get me riled up yet again this month.  Nothing to rant about on that front I guess, so I will just shake my fist in general annoyance at some of their “improved” features that I still manage to avoid, like that new editor… how I hate it.

Where I am headed...

Where I am headed…

Other than that is was a modest month here at TAGN.  I was away for a few days for EVE Vegas, but managed to keep up with the post-every-weekday schedule.

One Year Ago

The SF Giants won the World Series for the third time in five years.  I was just happy when they won it once in my lifetime.

I was wondering about guild progression and whether they should have levels.

I was disappointed at Trion installing HackShield on my system and only deigning to notify me of this after the fact.  That got their Glyph launcher off my system for good.

EA put a new twist on insta-level by introducing a limited 12x experience bonus offer that would essentially let Star Wars: The Old Republic players level up via just their class story, without indulging in the myriad side quests the process would otherwise require.  Basically, you could play just the good bits of the game.  Imagine that!

The strategy group was doing city assaults, river crossings, and ambushes in Total War: Rome II.

At EVE Vegas there were development plans for the coming year, which included Tech III destroyers.  Jump fatigue was also announced.  But at least we were also getting a much longer skill queue. (Limited to 50 skills or ten years of training, whichever you reach first.)  That was much on my mind as I crossed the 130 million skill point mark.

The Reavers, a group within The Imperium dedicated to living in hostile territory and attacking enemy infrastructure, formed a year ago this month.  Our inaugural operations went to Insmother , where we blew up plenty of stuff, and then to Feythabolis.

Closer to home there was a capital brawl in our staging system.  That was part of some battles with Black Legion, where they would visit us and then we would visit them.  Or blob them.  I also experienced one of the classic EVE mistakes for the first time.  People seemed anxious to use their capital ships before the Phoebe expansion changed everything.

In World of Warcraft I summed up my summer campaign for the Loremaster achievement.  It was not a success.  I did get my Sha’tari Skyguard reputation to exalted though.  More mounts!

Meanwhile, the WoW 6.0 patch dropped and the count-down to Warlords of Draenor began in earnest.  I was looking at the new features in that.  The instance group also stirred in anticipation of the new expansion, mostly finishing off Mists of Pandaria.

Finally, Planetary Annihilation arrived at last, and proved once again that recreating past fun isn’t as easy as it should be.

Five Years Ago

I had some hopes and expectations for BlizzCon.  They were pretty much unmet.  But Blizzard had already announced the Cataclysm ship date, so what else did I expect?

I asked if people ever look at the items in the blog side-bar.  People mostly do not.

I finished building my new computer.  Windows 7 64-bit was the wave of the future… unless you wanted to take that LOTRO survey.

The EVE Online screen shot contest wrapped up, winners were declared and prizes were sent out.

I was playing Lord of Ultima innocently enough and then somebody attacked me! Oh noes!

I was suddenly determined to “catch them all” and finish the National Pokedex in Pokemon SoulSilver.

The instance group was playing in LOTRO, which had been live as a Free to Play game for one month. In-game, we were subjected to the disturbing habits of some of the residents of the Lone Lands, while I indulged in one of my own habits, the mid-game character swap.  And then I made one post completely unreadable by making anagrams out of all the proper nouns.  I had to repost a corrected version.

I bought Civilization V, which like every Civilization launch, had issues with my current computer.  The unwritten rule of Civilization is that you need to upgrade your machine in order to play.

My daughter and I were drinking new and interesting sodas. and was really hoping that the SF Giants could make it to a World Series victory.

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EVE Online

We have been having ongoing content in Cloud Ring and Pure Blind.  There was also a “Reavers and friends” deployment to the south to pick some battles with TEST, which carries on.

The big deal was EVE Vegas however and meeting people and the announcements of what CCP has planned.  That took up a good four days and I have been digesting things from it ever since.

Something I only barely grasped however was that EVE Online had a holiday event in-game.  That’s what the Crimson Harvest event was, right?  CCP giving us a Halloween event?

Diablo III

I carried on through Act V of the game, which wasn’t as long as I expected, and then started in on Adventure Mode.  My goal is to get my crusader up to the level cap.  He is at level 65 currently, so just a ways to go.  I am not sure I will carry on after that into paragon levels however.


The shared world continues, with each of us on our various projects.  At one point my daughter saw Skronk and Enaldi’s Italian city and was inspired to come back and start playing.  I think that lasted for about two hours, but it was a happy two hours.

Coming Up

So the big item on the November calendar has to be BlizzCon and what Blizzard will say about the WoW Legion expansion.  Expectations about things like release dates will be high.

But I suspect that before we get to BlizzCon we will hear the Activision-Blizzard quarterly report for Q3 2015.  At least we will if the WoW subscription numbers are down, otherwise that would rain on the BlizzCon parade.  If the numbers are stable or up, they can come during or after BlizzCon because nobody will care.

Then November will see expansions for games that start with the letters “eve,” including EverQuest, EverQuest II, and EVE Online.  Now if we can just get Ever, Jane on board we’ll be set.

On my return from EVE Vegas my daughter, hearing about the Signal Cartel “space hippies” and that people role play in New Eden (and Provi Bloc in particular), has decided she wants to try EVE Online.  I suspect hilarity will ensue.  At a minimum I will have to blog about her reactions.

Soon enough we will be into the rapid pace of the holiday season, destined to spit us out in January dizzy, with a big credit card bill, and wondering what in the hell just happened.