Of Sinks and Faucets and What People Do in New Eden

One of the sessions I attended at EVE Vegas was presented by CCP Quant and reported on the economics of New Eden and announced the return of regular economic reports.  It was a very interesting session for me, tainted somewhat by the fact that I couldn’t read what was on a lot of the charts being displayed.

Well, that has been remedied.  CCP Quant has turned his presentation into a dev blog, so we can all pour over the data he presented… and I can actually read all of the charts.

I want to post two of the charts here because I really like them and because I want to be able to find them at need.  The first is the list of what people do when logged into EVE Online.

Incursions, run by 1.5% of those who log in...

Incursions, run by 1.5% of those who log in…

And the second is where the money comes from and where it goes.

More faucets than sinks...

More faucets than sinks…

I find it telling that insurance puts more than twice as much ISK into the game than agent mission rewards and bonuses combined.  And incusions, which were run by 1.5% of the players logging on in September, paid in nearly double the insurance number.

Anyway, if you are interested in following the money, where things are built, and what we’re all up to in space, you should take a look at that dev blog.

I look forward to the monthly economic reports… and the conclusions people will draw from them.

3 thoughts on “Of Sinks and Faucets and What People Do in New Eden

  1. pkudude99

    “We can all pour over the data he presented”

    *cough* pore *cough*


    It was a very interesting devblog. I also like the comments thread. I think my favorite one was “EVE online.. the only game where we have spreadsheets, graphs, and economic discussions as our gamep0rn.”

    With all the changed coming down the pike, I’m half-tempted to re-sub.


  2. Jay Gischer

    I see that while only 1.5% of the people who play run incursions, incursions account for maybe 20% of the income in the game. That’s some serious booty!


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