The Departure of a False Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet left the Daybreak fold pretty much as it entered; almost completely unnoticed.  I totally missed its launch at SOE and was only reminded that it was even a thing when I noticed its logo mixed in with the other SOE titles.

SOE Live 2014 list

SOE Live 2014 list

So I was late on board with the game, tried it for a bit, and never went back.  I think that was more than what most people did.

Dragon’s Prophet seemed to be the Asian import replacement for Wizardry Online, which SOE shuttered, along with Vanguard, back during the summer of 2014.

Not that it felt like SOE needed a replacement Asian import MMO.

But Dragon’s Prophet was from the same people who did Runes of Magic, an early free-to-play title when it came to the west (perhaps most famous in some corners for the now-it-seems-cheap $10 horse)and one of the few Asian import MMOs that seemed to succeed in getting a decent following outside of its place of origin.

Unfortunately, that did not seem to be enough.  Being from “the same people as…” can be a dubious tie to fame in a market with few recognizable developer names.  Meanwhile Wizardry Online had a history that gave it some name recognition on its own.  It had its roots as one of the great early dungeon crawler RPGs.

Apple ][+ The Upgrades Begin

My Apple ][+ and Wizardry back in 1983…

Granted, the Wizardry franchised moved from those origins through a long and winding path to become a Japanese RPG, but it was still a name that a lot of people knew… even if the current incarnation seemed a bit odd.

Some find me... disturbing

What is it with the little people with big heads in these games?

So Wizardry Online at least had a chance based on name.  It attracted some attention.

Dragon’s Prophet enjoyed no such luxury.  It never even made it onto the SOE All Access plan, a sign for me that its days were numbered.

All the games we say, not actually ALL the games...

All Access: All the games we say, not actually ALL the games…

I predicted back in January that it would be gone by the end of the year, and felt that was pretty much a gimme.

Now it is gone, at least in North America, where SOE/Daybreak was the publisher, removed completely from their web site.

It apparently lives on in Asia, from whence it came, and in Europe, where a company called Infernum Productions is the publisher.  Given their portfolio, Dragon’s Prophet probably means much more to them than it did to Daybreak.

Now, will somebody else pick up the game for North America, or it is just done here?

Will Daybreak try its hand with another Asian import, or was that sort a thing only an affordable luxury when they were snug in the embrace of Sony? Now that they have Columbus Nova Prime looking at the bottom line, it seems likely that Daybreak can’t screw around with science experiments and things that “seem” like a good idea the way they could when then were SOE.

And so it goes.


Did you play Dragon’s Prophet?  Will you miss it?

5 thoughts on “The Departure of a False Prophet

  1. Shintar

    I read this post and was like: “Didn’t Syl post about playing that game a couple of months ago?” Then I went back to check and nope, that was actually Dragon Nest. I think that says it all really. Can’t even keep my dragons straight…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. flosch

    Never played it, completely forgot about it, all struggle keeping it and wizardry online apart…

    My money’s on Daybreak not getting into yet another such foolish business endeavor. I feel that’s something left behind with the name SOE. At least I hope so, because I don’t think Daybreak should risk something like that under their new overlords.


  3. bhagpuss

    I played it very briefly and posted about it a couple of times I think. It wasn’t dreadful. In fact according to a couple of reports I read it was quite god fun (still is, I guess, in certain territories).

    In a world where the MMO choices are numbered in the hundreds, however, there was no chance it was ever going to make my cut once I’d satisfied my mild curiosity. If I wanted to play an MMO with Dragons as a major feature I’d play Istaria. As it happens, though, I don’t like dragons.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenks

    Holy crap, I’ve never heard anyone actually hint that they’ve played Istaria. I used to love Lum the Mad’s trolling of that game calling it vaporware for years when it was just called Horizons.


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