Prismarine Towers and Horse Field Dreams

I spent a chunk of time idle in Aaron’s guardian farm harvesting the components for sea lanterns, a natural self-contained light source.

One of the byproducts of the guardian farm is excess prismarine shards.  You need four prismarine shards and five prismarine crystals to make a sea lantern.  However I would estimate that the farm generates 5-8 times as many shards as it does crystals.

You can use that excess to make prismarine blocks (4 shards) or prismarine bricks (9 shards) which can be used as a building material.

Having created an abundance of that, I set out to use it.  The first idea was a pool, prismarine being a nice aqua blue color that seemed suitable for that.  So I put one in around back of a project that somehow became something of an evangelical church (this is what you get when you just start building without a plan) that I call “Our Lady of… Crap, Another Creeper!”  The pool, accessible from a door back behind the altar… but beware the trapdoor for casting apostates into the dungeon below… seemed like a reasonable addition.

The pool, lit by sea lanterns, at night

The pool, lit by sea lanterns, at night

I clearly need to build a fence around it, lest it comes the sheep dip around back.

However, that didn’t use up much of my materials.   So I decided to head on up the great northern road to one of the way points where I figured I ought to build up a minor base.  There was a point that seemed to be a major spawn point for horses and donkey that I spotted while building the road, to which I mentally assigned the name “the horse fields.”


And Donkeys!

I packed up a pile of prismarine, some sea lanterns, and headed up the road to build another scenic point along the route.  I put together a tower and some stables along with some supplies (leads and saddles) to keep with the horse theme.

Horse Fields tower

Horse Fields tower

Not exactly the most unique of buildings, a square based tower, but it is nicely lit with sea lanterns and the floor levels are all done with prismarine blocks, which look a bit different than the prismarine brick.  The stables were also lit.

Prismarine stable

Prismarine stable

From the top of the tower you can see the horses wandering in the fields.

horses in the fields

horses in the fields… and some sheep and cattle…

And at night the whole thing is lit by sea lanterns… and some jack-o-lanterns I placed around the area.

Prismarine tower at night

Prismarine tower at night

And, just to finish it off, I built a nether portal around the back and put in some wheat to make hay for the horses.  The age of riding is at hand, with easy access to mounts.

Of course, Aaron has been working away on another project in the nether that might bring us into the age of rail and the great northern road might becomes the great northern rail road.  But that is for another post.


5 thoughts on “Prismarine Towers and Horse Field Dreams

  1. Toldain

    I’m actually kind of astonished that y’all are just getting around to horses and rails, since you seem to know so much more about the game, and also be so far ahead of us in many other ways.

    I mean, the idea of a giant cassion in the ocean to collect the drops off of monsters that spawn there is still kind of beyond anything I think we can do.

    But in any case, the stable looks great!


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Toldain – Oh, I’ve had horses… and Skronk and Enaldi have been breeding them… and I’ve done a couple posts about rails. But we’re reaching the point where we will have the resource generation potential to allow us to lay down track to span our domain, as opposed to bits and pieces of track here and there.


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