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KarmaFleet Turns One

And to celebrate their first year they have a new video.

Congrats to the experiment one year in.


The January 2016 Release in New Eden

Well, after a little bit of hand waving last month about whether or not we had an Operation Frostline expansion or just a “December Release,” I think we’ve now got the answer as to whether or not these code drops will continue to mine ancient history for names.

So here we have the “January 2016 Release.”

I am not keen as a naming scheme.  I mean, I guess it works.  It pins down the month and year, unlike the previous “December Release.”   But it feels like a default choice.  I think I preferred names.  Oh well, without a “real” name it is more like a patch update.  CCP didn’t even announced its successful deployment.  It is live, they just haven’t mentioned it as yet.

So the age of the big expansions has returned and the age of the mini-expansion is dead… or mostly so.  The only question that remains is why bother to release them on a schedule if they aren’t really events any more?  Why not just patch features at need every Tuesday?

All that philosophy of expansions talk aside, the January 2016 release does bring some things I like.  Well, one thing.  Specifically, this change from the patch notes:

Integrating effect timers into their corresponding icons in the EWAR effects bar. Adding defensive ewar effects to the EWAR effects bar: capacitor transmitter, sensor booster, tracking, ECCM projector, hull repair, armor repair, shield booster. Now with an improved EWAR effects bar look and feel.

Hrmm, that doesn’t really do it justice.  Basically, the EWAR effects above the capacitor will have the timer integrated into the icon like modules… and that same area will also show helpful effects being applied to you as well, something I totally asked for in my Blog Banter 67 post.

New effects bar; red is bad, blue is good

New effects bar; red is bad, blue is good

Of course, we’ll have to see how it works out in actual play… like when your FC says, “All reps on me!” when they are getting targeted and suddenly 40 logi are playing four reppers each on him.  I’m sure somebody at CCP thought about that, but I’ll be interested to see what happens all the same.  And while it isn’t mentioned, my hope is that you’ll be able to mouse over the icon and get the name of the pilot hitting you with the good/bad effect.

A capsuleer can dream, can’t he?

Anyway, it makes me happy to see that feature even though I am certain my blog post had nothing to do with it.

What else is in the January 2016 release?   Erm…

The new launcher is now officially live.

It looks like this I guess...

It looks like this I guess…

The old launcher is still supported for now, but the new one is the right one going forward.

I’ll probably hang on to the old one for a bit.

There are some updates to the new map and the new camera controls, though I am not using either yet.  It is not that I love the old ones, but I am used to them, while new features from CCP sometimes need… some iterations.  I’ll probably go with the new launcher first.

Then there is a new line of SKINs for Minmatar ships called Tronhadar Ink.  I am for new SKINs, though nerd that I am I was wondering if they were somehow related to the Jem’Hadar.

Also, the new Logistics Frigates may now enter small factional warfare complexes, a change that I am sure is meaningful in some quarters.  What I know about factional warfare would make for a very short post indeed.

Along with all that there is the usual round of bug fixes, all covered in the release notes, and then one last vestige of the expansion idea, some new music.