Daybreak to Port Five Year Old Title to New Platform

If you want to win that “cynical headline of the year” award, you have to start building to it early.

Men in Tights
Daybreak announced this week, in conjunction with the 5 year anniversary of DC Universe Online, that they would be porting the game to the Xbox One platform.

This makes sense for a couple of reasons.  First, being able to work on other platforms in general, and the Xbox in particular, was part of Smed’s happy dance at no longer being part of Sony.  It would be, at a minimum, odd if Daybreak did not take advantage of this particular upside that came with their alleged independence.

My reaction to this was, and still remains, a bit skeptical that not being able to develop for XBox was what was holding SOE back from fame and fortune.

But at least they made good on this threat/promise/goal.  Nice when they do what they say they are going to do!

The second reason is more game specific.  Smed had previously announced that DCUO was doing pretty well on the PlayStation platform, claiming that it was the largest revenue generator across the PS3 and PS4.

The PS4 was still sort of new at that point, so I am going to guess that being early to the show helped DCUO with the whole cross-platform aspect of that.  How many titles were there both on PS3 and PS4 at that point?  The pool of games that in that category was probably still pretty small.  But at least it seemed to be doing okay on consoles.

So, presuming that DCUO is still doing okay on PlayStation… and we likely wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t… moving it to XBox One makes some sort of business sense.

The question then becomes, what else will Daybreak attempt to move to Microsoft’s console?

PlanetSide 2 seems to be a dubious choice, given the word last year that the title was “really struggling” both on Windows and PlayStation.  I can think of no reason that the game would do better on XBox, the platform not exactly being short of first person shooters, and reinforcing failure is not a path to success.

H1Z1 is a candidate, as it is supposed to be on the PlayStation 4 eventually.  However, given that it is about to pass its first birthday in Early Access and doesn’t seem close to going live, it may be a while before it is on any console.

EverQuest Next is also promised for the PlayStation 4, a fact that makes the game likely to seem a betrayal to the current EverQuest installed base based on UI considerations alone.  And, in any case, EQN isn’t even in the purgatory of Early Access yet, so that is likely much further out that H1Z1.

And after that candidates for consoles start to thin out pretty drastically.  I suppose they could attempt to port Landmark, but is that really suitable for the limited console UI?  Meanwhile, EverQuest and EverQuest II aren’t going anywhere unless there is a new version of Windows released.

What else could Daybreak have for XBox or other platforms.

4 thoughts on “Daybreak to Port Five Year Old Title to New Platform

  1. bhagpuss

    According to MicroSoft there will never be a new version of Windows. 10 is the MMO of operating systems, subject to eternal patch upgrades whether you want them or not.

    DCUO is a pretty good MMO. The grindy repetitive nature of the post-leveling game and the fact that there are only 20 ordinary levels made it a very poor fit for me but it seems to have a degree of polish and solidity that none of ex-SOE’s non EQ titles can match. The IP is very strong, too, so you’d imagine it would do reasonably well even five years on.

    There’s supposedly another secret project at DBG as well as EQN, isn’t there? Not heard anything about that other than a brief mention that it exists.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I think Microsoft is literally copying Apple again, with Windows 10 being their own OS X which will just get updates over the years that will essentially be new versions of the operating system, but which won’t be expected to rework the UI every single time. I’d be okay with that.

    My own problem with DCUO is that I don’t like superheros all that much… they just don’t engage me for whatever reason… and the UI was designed for console use. I could probably get used to the latter if the former wasn’t an issue, but the combo of disinterest and annoyance that the two bring just kills it.

    The big deal for me was finding out, or reminding myself as I might have just forgotten, that EQN was slated for the PS4. No disrespect to EQOA vets, but a console EverQuest is not of great interest to me… should there be an EQN some day.

    As for sekrit projects at Daybreak… I can barely figure out what their plan is for a couple of the ones they have live, so I hesitate to speculate more wildly than usual about the complete unknown. What would I even say? If they make that cowboy MMO I just dreamed up, I am pretty sure it will go out on XBox One! Hah!

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  3. bhagpuss

    Oh that’s a good piece. Very fair from the perspective it takes, I think. It’s instructive to be reminded just how very niche the MMO genre outside of WoW really is.

    Where I’d disagree with him is in the idea that having the time and resources to “clean up” all the old, outdated parts of an MMO would be a good thing. I like the palimpsest of systems, mechanics and content that accretes around an MMO as it ages. It’s like the mold on a strong cheese. Or something.


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