Friday Bullet Points Roller Coaster

More bits and pieces that I feel like bringing up but which I don’t care enough about to turn into full blog posts.  And I wasn’t really in the mood.  Plus, my office chair was take over by cats.

And the top one gets all frisky if you move him...

And the top one gets all frisky if you move him…

So this is what you get.

Wild Times for WildStar

Fans of WildStar cannot be happy with the news of late.  The F2P conversion was done in hopes of reviving the games fortunes, but Korea’s Daewoo Securities, which keeps a close eye on NCsoft, thinks the game is going to tank in 2016.


And if it wasn’t bad enough that analysts close to NCsoft were down on the game, former employees of Carbine, the studio which created WildStar, were following the long tradition of recriminations, exemplified by EA Louse and that guy from Turbine, have come out to tell people just how screwed up the organization was.  The whole thing was summed up on Reddit.

My take away: In the second decade of the 21st century they chose an old school, price per seat, source control system like Perforce, and then used it badly?  They could have saved a lot of money doing things wrong with any of the equally bad open source options available.

The Force Awakens Many Things

As I often note, timing is everything.  EA released Star Wars: Battlefront into the teeth of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype and, hey presto, despite mixed reviews (PC, PS4, Xbox, and Yahtzee) EA says they have made bank on the venture.

And, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats, even the Tortanic it seems.  EA says that, in addition to the above, they also saw a surge in revenue for Star Wars: The Old Republic as well, reporting subscription levels for the four year old game were at their highest level in almost the last three.  Quite a change from the time when John Riccitiello didn’t want to talk about the game on an investor call because it wasn’t a very important property for EA.

As I noted in a previous Friday post, even my daughter was keen to give SWTOR a try… and then the whole Boot Camp drivers issue got in the way.

One wonders how Star Wars Galaxies might have fared in this mood of revival.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t go to EA’s head.  Not that I had a lot of hope in their plans for a “make nice” campaign plan, but it was something at least.

Paving the Way for Xenuria 2016

As part of the run up to the CSM 11 elections CCP reworked some of the CSM Whitepaper… again… including some updates about who could run for the CSM. The result was vague enough to make people think if the ran a blog they might not be eligible.  After some outcry there was a slightly less ambiguous version that still wasn’t all that clear, so CCP eventually had to come out and just say that if you were affiliated with The Mittani dot com you couldn’t be on the CSM, it being professional gaming media site compared to the fan sites that are EN24 and Crossing Zebras.

Or something like that.  CCP has a couple stories on that front, but I guess they have to put a question like, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Commumittanist Party?” on the CSM application.

This means that Sion Kumitomo, the loudest critic of the relationship between CCP and the CSM, is barred from running for another term.  Funny how that worked out.  A statement from the Church of Siontology expressed both smugness and a sense of relief at the rule change.

Meanwhile, the slate of candidates for The Imperium now looks to be Xenuria, Suzy RC Mudstone, and that KarmaFleet guy who links all those cat videos in local… and I’m not sure about those last two.  Onward the Goon plan for world domination!


Finally, you still have a chance to win ISK by entering the Signal Cartel anniversary screen shot contest.  Act now.

And that is all I have.  I will have to make my search minions work harder next time.

Same stories in here as the last time I looked...

Same stories in here as the last time I looked…

4 thoughts on “Friday Bullet Points Roller Coaster

  1. Mazer

    A job I applied for last year at my university told me they’re still using CVS.. not sure if the price makes that better or worse.

    Also, our tuxedo cat approves of this post. : )


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mazer – Heh, We still use CVS in my group at work. At least it was free, and it does what we need. But being a collection of acquisitions, we also have SVN, Git, Mecurial, and even Perfoce in various places. each of which I have to deal with now and then. No PVCS though, which I really liked back in the day… I miss it… and no Goddamn ClearCase, for which I am extremely grateful.

    On top of the chair is Rigby, our two year old, and in the chair itself is Oscar, our sixteen year old. He is the crankiest cat on the planet some days.


  3. SynCaine

    Hey my dog’s name is Rigsby, go figure.

    Was kinda hoping for more out of the Carbine thing, but I guess like the game, just overall not that interesting.

    And if SW:TOR subs are at a high seen three years ago, that puts it under 500k right? Since back then they said they needed at least 500k or its F2P, and F2P they went.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – For a team that was founded by ex-WoW devs in 2005 who thought they could do better than WoW… that was Carbine, right… or am I think of Red 5… maybe it was the same story told twice… it has been sort of a tepid ride overall.

    Well I logged a lot of the things EA said about SWTOR because even back in the early days after the initial announcement, there was a lot of crazy talk. Things like setting the bar for success at 11 million subscribers and the various levels of subscription that would be required for the game to be a viable ongoing venture. Certainly a million was trotted out when it was clear they had to be more modest. I think when subs sagged to half a million is when John R. started telling people that SWTOR wasn’t their most interesting property.

    In the end the game spins enough cash to be kept around by EA, a company not known for keeping games running one moment longer than it is in their interest.. It probably cost too much to make, so EA won’t be doing that again. But it isn’t like the SWTOR team borrowed $300 million, or however much the total was, and have to pay it back. That money is all gone, part of financial statements from years gone by. = The short term focus of Wall St. means that a lot of sins disappear once the books are closed on a year. I mean nobody is still talking about that time EA lost a billion dollars. All that matters now is that it makes enough margin over its costs to make sense to keep the servers running and development going.


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