Diablo III Season 5 and into Chapter IV

I’ve kept on with Diablo III and my quest for the Season 5 goodies.

Season 5 - All this can be yours

Season 5 – All this can be yours

As I have noted in the past, I am not really all that enthusiastic about Adventure Mode or rifts…  tt least not as a solo pursuit, and since I have only been playing Season 5 solo, it seemed likely that I might run out of steam once I finished the story.

But, while I may find little enthusiasm for slaying large quantities of mobs just to collect gold and sort through equipment drops, actually having a set of goals changes things.  I can immerse myself in checking off boxes for an extended period of time, being a somewhat task oriented in real life.  I like getting things done and the illusion of progress.

And so I have carried on and managed to work my way through the first three chapters of the goals… the journey as it has been spun… without too much problem.  A decent set of discreet tasks, helped along by the fact that if you accomplished any of them before unlocking the list of goals for a specific chapter, you still got credit.

I also notched myself up in difficulty, first to Torment 1 then Torment 2, neither of which made things drastically more difficult.  I do have a lot more gold now though.

And then I unlocked the Chapter IV goals for Season 5. (All the goals for Season 5 are listed out on this Reddit post.)

  • Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item at the Mystic
  • Keeping it Low Key: Slay Xah’Rith the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • The Key to Success: Slay Nekarat the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • Mercy: Kill Zoltun Kulle at lvl 70 on T2 or higher (gives 2nd Haedrig gift)
  • Seeya: Kill the Sigebreaker Assault Beast at lvl 70 on T4 or higher
  • Great Expectations: Reach GR20 solo (gives 3rd Haedrig gift)
  • Set me free: Complete any set dungeon (doesn’t need to be mastered!)
  • Up all night to get lucky: Equip all slots with lvl 70 legendary items
  • Key Decisions: Slay Odeg the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher
  • Key Wee: Slay Sokahr the Keywarden at lvl 70 on T1 or higher

I actually had two of them done, and most of them seemed doable, so I got stuck in on a couple right away.

Another item from the list...

Another item from the list…

The Zoltun Kulle fight was surprisingly easy, and got me two new pieces from a set, though one of them wasn’t nearly as good as what I already had equipped.  That leads to the age old question of whether or not the bonus for wearing four pieces of the set was worth it or not.

four down, six to go

four down, six to go

I am, however, a bit skeptical of a couple of the items on the list.

Notching up to Torment 4 difficulty for the Siege Breaker ought to be okay.  But getting to the point where I can solo a level 20 Greater Rift might be a challenge, in part because I’ll have to figure out how to do that.  I haven’t been there before and  I imagine it will involve some grind, and grind is the enemy of my attention at this point.

Meanwhile, completing a full dungeon set and equipping level 70 legendary items in every equipment slot both sound like “go grind rifts” which, as noted, is where my interest in playing starts to break down.  Still, I remain a bit surprised I have gotten this far.

Crusader in gold

Crusader in gold

7 thoughts on “Diablo III Season 5 and into Chapter IV

  1. Angelnorn

    Greater Rift 19 is equivalent to Torment 4 in difficulty, so 20 should only be a smidge harder than that. Try doing a normal Rift at Torment 4 first (you’ll need to do it for the greater rift key anyway). If you can get through that comfortably, then you should be good for Greater Rift 20 :)


  2. Muir

    You can “cheat” the all-legendary one a bit by using the Horadric Cube to upgrade a rare to a legendary if you’re missing a few slots. It’s what I ended up doing in Season 4. That, and temporarily equipping some legendaries I had help on to but had no intention of actually using.


  3. JThelen

    None of those are actually terribly difficult, particularly if you’re running an Invoker build(which is the set you’re getting from Haedrig). As for wearing a slightly inferior set piece over something you’ve already gotten, it’s absolutely worth it. However, for Invoker, you’ll want to find a Belt of the Trove for your waist slot before you do. But once you have that item, you’ll get 50% damage reduction all the time as a result. Very powerful bonus, but if you’re wearing a bunch of items with +thorns on them to the point where you’ve got ~150k thorns damage on your character sheet, you can really just run punish-celerity and cheese out a greater rift 20.


  4. Whorhay

    What JThelen said. There is also a legendary gem that drops from Greater Rift Guardians that gives thorns damage on it. If you have enough grift keys to eventually get one, the invoker set turns into easy mode, also the highest level Topaz in your weapon gives a ton of thorns damage. The Invoker Set Dungeon is possibly the easiest of the set dungeons that I’ve tried thus far, having mastered 10. One of the really nice things about the Invoker set is that since thorns damage doesn’t benefit from criticals you can straight up focus on toughness and attack speed stats. Crit stats usually take up 10 primary stat rolls on gear and weapon sockets, so that gives you a lot of room for other stuff.


  5. Random Poster

    I’m thinking he’s probably not trying to find a specific piece to drop as that falls under the whole grindy part of the game he doesn’t enjoy that much. That and it doesn’t look like he is at the mindset of trying to optimize everything, he enjoys logging in killing some stuff logging out. You don’t need to sit there and find the best build or gear to do that and enjoy yourself.

    I have to admit to some jealousy. I actually own the base game on PC but got the ultimate edition on Xbox One and spend my time there so I miss out on seasons, which is a shame.


  6. Whorhay

    They’ve added a lot of stuff to reduce the grinding for specific items. Getting the perfectly stat’d and rolled items might still take a very long time but simply getting a specific item is very easy now. You can use the cube to upgrade rare items to legendaries of the same type. Things like the Wand of Woh and Star Metal Kukri which used to be very difficult to find can now be obtained in short order, which makes a lot of builds much more viable for casual play. And on top of that monster difficulty got reduced a lot this season, making farming of higher level greater rifts a lot easier. Last season I could only do 60’s reliably in a group, now I can do 60’s solo in basically speed farming gear.


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