CCP to Create More Dead Links on My Blog

After careful consideration whilst planning upgrades and changes to Tranquility, we have decided to discontinue the EVElopedia as of the announced extended downtime on Monday February 29th, 2016.

CCP Falcon, EVE News Update

Well, that sucks.

The final featured article?

The final featured article?

Not that I thought EVElopedia was the be-all, end-all of New Eden knowledge.  In fact, it was lacking in many respects, often being out of date or incomplete on many fronts.  CCP made a wiki and then didn’t make keeping it up to date anybody’s primary job I would guess.  But I often found it useful, especially since it used the same hierarchy for things like ships and modules and the like as gets used in the game itself.

I probably refer to the site once a week at least when I want to figure out what ships the Angel Cartel has or something of that sort.

There are alternatives of course.  CCP is suggesting the Brave Newbies and EVE University wikis as alternatives in their post about the shut down.  And, of course, being in The Imperium, I have access to the Goon wiki as well.

And, one of the charms of EVElopedia is its wealth of somewhat outdated information.  There is still, as an example, a history lesson in how Domain sovereignty worked.  That information, while no longer relevant in the age of Fozzie Sov, is part of the rich history of New Eden, and I am loathe to see it disappear merely because it doesn’t reflect today’s reality.  There is also a host of items on the site related to the lore of New Eden, also part of the threads that have been spun together in order to create the fabric of the game as it stands today.

According to the post, some of the “prime” fiction and backstory will be archived to and put on another site at some future date

But I am primarily annoyed because, as noted in the title, I have tended to link out to EVElopedia quite a bit over the years, so a lot of links on the site are going to go dead.  This is the World Wide Web at its worst.

All the more so because I had alternatives, but I chose to link to the official EVE Online wiki because I thought that was less likely to just up and disappear with little notice than a user created site.  I guess CCP has made a fool out of me on that front.

Finally, I am more than a bit cheesed off about the seeming indecent haste in making the whole thing disappear.  Is there a reason it needs to be remove right fucking now?  Is there some fee due on March 1st if it remains?

Seriously, inviting people to save off what they might want with four days notice is a serious dick move.  I’m tempted to go try and rile up Jason Scott to see if we could get the internet archive team to save a copy of the whole thing.

And that idea is all the more compelling as I took a peek over at the Internet Archive and found that while the Wayback Machine has archived most of the top level items on the EVElopedia site, when you attempt to drill down to the actual articles, nothing is there.

There is a .sql file you can download, which promises it has all of the “player content” currently hosted.  But I am not sure what that really means.  It probably doesn’t include the wide array of classic graphics screen shots and the like, weighing in at only 102MB. (Also, DBVisualizer ran out of memory trying to open up the file.)

So I am pretty pissed about the whole thing.  Yes, this is old stuff and likely doesn’t matter to you, but it matters to me… and there is not much I can do about it.

9 thoughts on “CCP to Create More Dead Links on My Blog

  1. Sugar Kyle (@Sugar_Kyle)

    I am very unhappy at the end result. I understand why. But, it isn’t what I wanted. I wanted the evelopedia to be updated and cared for. I wanted it to be the main place people went to. I wanted so much more from it and what it could have been.


  2. eruntalan

    We ( The Intaki Liberation Front ) are none too happy about it ourselves. A lot of the prime fiction we use for our RP comes from some of the older articles. We are currently in the process of gathering all of the prime and player created information about Intaki so it isn’t.

    I’m more personally miffed about this because like Wilhelm I’m going to have a lot of dead links on my own blog. I like to send people to the Evelopedia when I want to expand on a subject within the lore. Things like science articles, short stories, even the Chronicles themselves were hosted on Evelopedia. This honestly feels like they are trying to hide this information from the average Eve player. I don’t know, maybe they are doing something to replace it, and I’ll be able to fix all my broken links if/when that happens. We’ll see.


  3. Freelancer117

    What the fook CCP, this truly makes me more sad the the skill trading monetization scheme.

    “I’m tempted to go try and rile up Jason Scott to see if we could get the internet archive team to save a copy of the whole thing.”

    Pretty please do.

    Regards, a Freelancer


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Alright, I sent a note to Jason Scott this morning to see if he could at least get the Wayback Machine to archive the site correctly. I’m a backer of his Kickstarter at a level that is supposed to grant me a 1 hour telephone call with him, so my hope is that gives me a little bit of a pull when it comes to his attention.


  5. Fenjay

    The fact that this is being done in under a week from announcement to takedown strikes me as weird. Either there is something we don’t know, or it’s a poorly thought through move. I tend to guess the latter.

    CCP’s lack of followthrough is well known, and in this case it’s beyond sad. The idea of a wiki is that anyone can edit it and vandalism can be easily reverted, but that seems to have never happened. Keeping the whole thing up to date using CCP people only was never going to happen, but I don’t get why they didn’t make use of the unique strength of a wiki to get around that.

    Anyway, I’ve downloaded it, along with countless other geeks no doubt. I am sure someone from the community (besides the already named) will step up, but it seems silly how often CCP relies on their players to prop them up in various ways.


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