CCP Continues to Confound Recognized Financial Expert

I am quite willing to bet you that CCP goes bankrupt in 2012. You might want to interpret their “great success” how ever you like, but financial reports don’t lie.

Tobold, October 2011

CCP continues to defy the predictions of financial expert Tobold Stalefoot.


Nosy gamer spotted an Icelandic news report on the company financials, a rough translation of which ended up over on Neville Smit’s blog.  The bottom line for for CCP in 2015 was:

The company yielded US$20.7 million profit last year…

According to CCP, the company’s profit, cash balance and financial position has never been stronger.

So they have that going for them.  Bankruptcy seems to be a much longer term goal of theirs than previously assumed.

In similar prognostication related news, the DICE awards have refused to relent to Tobold’s version of reality and Fallout 4 remains the DICE pick for 2015 Game of the Year.

The one time MMO gamer Tobold, whose expertise also extends into determinations on good versus evil, who is lying and who is telling the truth, fairness in the matter of pricing in relation to currency exchange rates, whether or not the hosts of Top Gear actually drive those cars, and dramatically quitting blogging only to return the next week, was unavailable for comment.

Addendum: An analysis of the CCP financials here.

18 thoughts on “CCP Continues to Confound Recognized Financial Expert

  1. Random Poster

    I used to read his blog fairly often but a few years ago a flip switched or something and I no longer enjoyed his posts. Though I do remember him quitting several times to come back to his blog. So I guess that much hasn’t changed.

    Man going through some of my old favorite links so many of the people I read just don’t post any more I really miss Lum’s blog posts and one called Bannable Offenses from a FF11 GM who was very funny.


  2. Pendan

    I like getting a different perspective that Tobold provides. I don’t get worked up over a wrong prediction.

    It is interesting that CCP is losing 3 prominent developers during this time of a strong balance sheet.


  3. Rob

    Does the $20.7 million profit include the $30 million investment amount?
    Also, CCP not going kaput, in the toilet does not mean that EVE is not dying. They are already well on their way to making it F2P (come on now, that’s the obvious endgame with all the MT) and I imagine a lot of their profit will come from VR games.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob – “CCP not going kaput, in the toilet does not mean that EVE is not dying.”

    EVE dying was the topic of a previous post this week. Please keep up.

    Also, given that the vast majority of the MMO market is F2P, I am not sure how that equates to dying, as you seem to imply.

    Investment doesn’t yield profit, since you have to give somebody equity for the money, so it should be initially neutral, which balances out. It merely increasing cash on hand.


  5. SynCaine

    Bashing Tobold when he gets out of line is fun for the whole blogosphere, and lately he has been providing more material than any one blogger can cover.


  6. mbp

    I notice the “trolling Tobold” tag so I assume this is meant to be a friendly ribbing nevetheless I feel compelled to stand up for our German/Belgian blogging friend. Tobold’s MMORPG blog was an enormously significant contribution to gaming ang blogging back in the heyday of mmorpgs. It was Tobold who convinced me and I am sure many others to stop reading about online games and actually play one. It was Tobold who later convinced me to actually start a blog of my own. Tobold gathered a huge audience back in the early WoW years and the comments sections on his posts were guaramteed to prompt a lively debate. Tobold always had strong opinions of his own which I didn’t always agree with but I enjoyed his willingness to go beyond fan boy shouting and to explore academic theories of gaming / economics and plenty other stuff. Tobold’s series of posts about EVE online ends with one of the most impressive expositions of what EVE is that I have ever seen.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mbp – It is just a pity he has never mastered the skill of admitting he was wrong about something. Even Gevlon does that.

    And I have always found his EVE Online posts heavily colored by his personal bias against the game while completely uninformed by any actual personal experience. He has consistently selected anecdotes that fit his narrative and then used those to paint the whole game with a broad brush. There is plenty to complain about when it comes to the game. I complain about it frequently enough. But that your impressions of EVE Online are based on the work of Tobold just depresses me.


  8. Mbpp

    Don’t be depressed Wilhelm. The Tobold post I am referring to is not Tobold’s own opinions of the game but is an enormous collection of comments that others made to his Eve posts. It is a really great read. I am having trouble pasting an URL on my phone but if you Google “tobold biggest Eve review” you will find it.

    While it may be true that Tobie is not a man for changing his mind, does it really matter? He has effectively retired from mmo blogging and is no longer an influential voice. Why bother calling him out at this late stage?


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mbp – Matters? None of this matters. I just do this for fun. Plus it is all part of the rich history of this little corner of the internet, and at this point in the game it ought to be pretty clear I am all for preserving those sorts of moments.

    Besides which, Tobold is a big boy, he can handle it. Cry not for Tobold. After all, he still feels free to dish it out.


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