Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming for the Holidays

As we sit here on the day before the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo has some new Pokemon related announcements.

The big one is, of course, the next new Pokemon games in the series, Pokemon Sun & Moon.  You can see the brief statement about the new games here.

Coming in Q4 2016

Coming in Q4 2016

While the setting and new features slated for Pokemon Sun & Moon are yet to be announced, we do know that they will link into the Pokemon Bank application available for the Nintendo 3DS series, which will allow players to move their Pokemon from Pokemon X & Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to the new title.

In addition, the revised versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the original generation which started it all back in 1996, and which should be available in the 3DS store tomorrow, will also connect into Pokemon Bank.

A diagram from the presentation, so it must be true!

A diagram from the presentation, so it must be true!

This will allow you to catch the original 151 Pokemon… well, not Mew, but the other ones… in the initial setting and then bring them into the current generation of games.

Old games come to the Virtual Console

Coming to the Virtual Console February 27, 2016

It will be a one way trip from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow, but you might as well catch them there, as we still have most of the year left to wait until Pokemon Sun & Moon come our way.

I have been waiting for this announcement for a while now, as we seemed due for a new Pokemon release announcement.  I guess waiting for the anniversary makes sense.

The questions that remain for me include, which of the original three should I grab, will I be able to endure a 20 year old version of Pokemon, and will I finally finish up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire before the holiday launch of the new titles?

And, if you’re dying for more Pokemon history, Polygon has a Pokemon timeline posted covering the last 20 years.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming for the Holidays

  1. Kiryn Silverwing

    I’m actually a little disappointed that these are going to be on 3DS. I assumed they were going to save their next generation of Pokemon games to help fuel sales of the NX next year. My 3DS feels heavy and cheap and outdated now that I’m used to carrying a smartphone around with me everywhere, and it’s getting harder to get excited about new games for it.


  2. Talarian

    All three of the originals have some missing Pokémon (to encourage trading between games). Yellow is special in that your starter is always Pikachu, and like the TV show you can never evolve him (and the game has a few changes to mimic the cartoon more closely), but he does follow you around.

    The good news is the originals are relatively short compared to later games (you can rip through them in probably < 10 hours if you just plow through). Also, no EVs to worry about, and special/physical attacks are based purely on type (ie: all Psychic attacks are Special, all Normal attacks are Physical, etc.), so from that perspective they're simpler.


  3. Talarian

    So I did some digging and was totally wrong. The original games had IVs (called DVs at the time) and EVs. Wow, did not think it had that level of complexity yet. Still, totally unnecessary outside of competitive battling, clearly.


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