The Imperium Abandons the Vale of the Silent Region

Have Fun in Vale Boys!

-The Mittani, The Meta Show March 26, 2016

The Mittani announced today on The Meta Show that The Imperium would be pulling back from Vale of the Silent region, which the then CFC took from NCDot back in late 2012, during the great expansion era of the coalition, which at one point held all sovereignty in the western arc from Tenal to Period Basis.

Vale of the Silent, March 26, 2016

Vale of the Silent, March 26, 2016

After a black week of defeats and losses, the leadership of The Imperium has decided that in order to successfully defend our sovereignty the coalition needs to draw back into a tighter area of space.  The Vale of the Silent region, which has 118 systems and sits at the southeastern tip of coalition territory, will be abandoned.  LAWN and Bastion, who hold most of the sovereignty there will be moving into null sec space currently held by other alliances in the coalition while staging out of Saranen with the rest of The Imperium.

I expect our foes are even now declaring a great victory over The Imperium.  The propaganda will no doubt repeat the phrase “Didn’t want that sov anyway,” when we simply couldn’t defend it effectively, as the string of defeats last week has shown.

We shall see if a more consolidated Imperium is better able to defend its remaining territory.  And then, of course, there is the question of what will happen with the Vale of the Silent once LAWN and The Bastion pull out.


14 thoughts on “The Imperium Abandons the Vale of the Silent Region

  1. Rob Kaichin

    Well, I can’t see my other post, but be was dishonourable shitposting.

    Can I ask if this counts as a end to the “we have never lost a system/region to hostile action” myth?

    Or is a surrender only a surrender if it’s inflicted at the barrel of a gun?

    You’re a good guy, Wilhelm, (even if your name is hard to spell with autocorrect), people could use you.

    Also, thanks for the minecraft (another word that’s hard to spell with autocorrect) posts. The idea of hellish beasts lined up in slaughter to the tune of ‘just another brick in the wall’ had me laughing and humming the motif all day:).

    I hope the minecraft realms server switch goes really well and your rotten porcine macerator and asset stripper functions without issue.


  2. Noizy

    Interesting things of note. On The Imperium side, The Mittani totally glossed over the events in Fade, where NC. and friends made some progress, taking 2 systems (including one station) and putting another station into reinforce.

    On the MoneyBadger side, IWI really wants to hide the fact that IWI money is being thrown around paying alliances to attack The Imperium. Apparently, it’s not IWI, it is individual IWI bankers. I’m interested in how CCP responds to the actions of the gambling site, especially if it results in lost subs.

    Also, with EN24 really toeing the IWANTISK party line in its coverage, it will be interesting to see what happens if Bobmon is elected to the CSM.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Noizy – “Glossed over” implies that he even mentioned it. I can’t recall him doing so. I imaginge that the hope is that with Bastion and Lawn staging with the rest of the coalition in Saranen, the Fade problems will be solved with more numbers being available.

    Since CCP has tolerated gambling sites for so long now I am not sure that they have laid the groundwork for doing anything.

    I haven’t seen anything in past CSMs to make me think that Bobmon will cease to be anything but beholden to IWI if he is elected.


  4. Niko Lorenzio

    Hmmmm…. I’ve seen this tactic used by BOB before. It worked for them then when the loose coalition disintegrated over disputes regarding rights over the region. A lot of history is being repeated in recent months.
    *grabs more popcorn*


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Niko Lorenzio – We’ve used this tactic before, though never in the midst of a war (see Period Basis, Querious, Delve, Fountain, and Cloud Ring), and we’ve seen our foes use it time and again. Hell, we got Vale of the Silent because NCDot gave it up about as easily as we just did because defending it was hard. All eyes are on null sec again, because there is clearly a feeling that something is going to happen here.

    Also, I cannot believe half a day has gone by and nobody at EN24 could get off their ass and throw together a post. I am getting traffic from them because somebody posted a link here in one of their comment threads because they’ve said nothing about it so far.

    Meanwhile, TMC is failing to get ahead of the story with their own narrative as well. Why even have pet media outlets if you aren’t going to use them?


  6. Talvorian Dex

    I don’t see how a person could interpret abandoning all the space owned by two of his allies, losing a region in CFC hands for the past four years, and continued ineffectiveness as anything but a crushing defeat. Any way he tries to spin it, this is a huge loss.


  7. bhagpuss

    “Also, I cannot believe half a day has gone by and nobody at EN24 could get off their ass and throw together a post.”

    It *is* Easter. They’ll all be at church. Or out buying eggs. One of the two.


  8. Rob Kaichin

    Oh honestly, this is why I hate posting from a mobile.

    It posted the shitposting and ate the proper post, great /s.

    It took so bloody long to write out too.

    A precis: (what Tal said about losing Vale),
    Does this end the myth of “never lost a region to hostile action”?

    A point: drowning in paper work is still drowning.

    Some thanks: I really enjoyed the minecraft posts (I spent all day humming Pink Floyd)

    And some well Wishing: I hope your move to minecraft realms goes well, and your porcine macerator and asset stripper works perfectly ;D


  9. Rob Kaichin

    Also, and maybe my history is wrong, but didn’t Nc. Defend vale until they couldn’t win timers in AUTZ and then leave when they had no chance of winning. I certainly remember many battle reports coming out of that War, far more than the current one.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob Kaichin – NCDot set their timers to AUTZ because they thought the CFC was weak there. In the end though, before they had lost much, they declared that grinding sov was boring for their line members and left. They didn’t even say they couldn’t hold the region, they said they could but it wasn’t fun. Their enemy didn’t defeat them, the game did, something that got replayed in Delve a couple of times.

    So tell me how you’re going to spin that as better.

    @Bhagpuss – Yeah, but it was Easter Eve, not even Easter proper. And both sites eventually posted something.

    TMC wrote a post shorter than my own that barely gets out in front of anything.

    Meanwhile EN24 has a long gloating post in part spoiled by a paragraph apologizing for actually calling The Imperium by its name and saying that they were going to make up a new name for it. Ironically, EN24 used to refused to call the CFC the CFC back in the day, but now that is the correct name in their opinion.


  11. anon

    – “Didn’t want that sov anyway”: as far as I understand, goons wanted that sov … for the express reason to be a buffer zone. Well, now the buffer is gone, but I’m sure they will keep wanting to reestablish it, for the exact same reason, if and when the situation allows it.

    – I’m really hoping Arith makes hardliners look soft, so CCP feels they can shutdown that frankenstein of a CSM for good without taking a PR hit.

    – I can’t remember EN24 avoiding to use CFC, was it DekCo or something? The years go by.


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