Quote of the Day – Goons Will Win the War

We all know how this is going to end. goons will buy off the key people against them, or the allies will simply run out of ISK and /or interest, or CCP will come to the rescue of the RMT cartel.

Any way you cut it, goons powerbase will remain intact, and they will be as stronger than ever once the latest ISK printing press is installed one jump from Jita.

Dinsdale Pirannha, comment on Betrayal at M-OEE8 post

Not actually an April Fools joke, yet it feels like it belongs on this day.

Probably not the person you expected me to be quoting either.

There is something surreal in finding that the person most sure of victory for The Imperium, or at least victory for Goonswarm, is one of its constant critics.  But what of his statements?

The first is that the all powerful Goons will outspend IWant ISK, an online ISK casino that can afford to blow 1.8 trillion ISK on skill injectors just to say they did so.

Also showing off with that wallet balance

Also showing off with that wallet balance

Oh, and they are giving away titans during a video stream today.

I am not sure even Goons have the ISK reserves to do that, not to mention that the war against The Imperium has gone past mere rhetorical forum posts along the lines or “Ceterum autem censeo Gooninem esse delendam.”  The war appears to have achieved a life of its own, with or without ISK, with a goal to burn down Deklein and salt its fields so that no Goon may ever flourish there again.  Anybody who swapped sides to join The Imperium now would be savaged almost immediately and be ruined in reputation.  That likely isn’t worth any amount of ISK.

So, since a buy out seems to be out of the question, The Mittani will just Bat phone Reykjavik and tell Hilmar to win the war for him and his team.  “I’ve promised my people we would have that XXL citadel in VFK-IV before the next timer, so make it happen!”

Okay, that is way over the top, but I cannot come up with something that would both win the war for us yet wouldn’t totally destroy the game by making people quit in droves.

I will give Dinsdale credit.  His middle option isn’t at right angles to the situation.  I am not sure the “running out of ISK” aspect is going to happen, given the prodigious amount of in game currency IWI is able the throw around, but running out of interest… getting bored with the mechanics of total war, tired of forming for big fights, frustrated with tidi and the annoying sovereignty mechanics of the moment… that is pretty much how Goons, then the CFC, then The Imperium took and kept their holdings in the first place.

That is pretty much The Imperium plan now, the old stand-by of weaponized boredom.  But to get there we first have to get the war into a stalemate.  Winning fights and objectives, making progress, cancels out boredom.  And in a situation where the enemy can sneak in and reinforce VFK-IV, the one-time heart of the empire and a symbolic location for The Imperium, stalemate might not even be within our grasp right now.

Who did this?

Who did this? (said in angry Snape voice)

So barring the forces of the Moneybadge Coalition getting tired and wandering off, things look pretty bad for The Imperium.

Yet I wonder if there is any outcome that would cause Dinsdale to reconsider his view of Goons and CCP and EVE Online?

I didn’t write this post to be mean to Dinsdale, but he has a long standing reputation in the comment threads of many blogs and has pressed home his views time and again over the years.  He clearly wants to talk about them, and he keeps coming back for more, so I am going to guess he won’t be deterred by any of this.

But is there anything that could shake his views on this topic?

He might be so wed to those views that no set of events could change them.  I don’t know.

But the bigger problem… or at least the problem one can rationally discuss… is that I am not sure that the game would allow our foes a victory near complete enough for him to even consider changing his views.  The problem… if you consider it a problem… with New Eden is that you can never extinguish your foes.  They have to leave the game of their own accord.

So even if the Moneybadgers win a complete victory, take every Imperium system, win every battle, and hell camp any evacuation, some aspect of the coalition will remain.  Enough angry Goons can go on making people mad in New Eden for ages.  Even if the Moneybadgers band together in a permanent alliance and knock Goons down and keep them from ever holding sovereignty anywhere in New Eden again, they can still be a pain in the ass, another Mordus Angels group that can’t do anything on its own but which can sting annoyingly by shooting ratters or reinforcing a tower now and again.  And it would take a lot of work to knock Goons down to that level.

We are now facing a number of foes whom we have beaten in various wars over the years… sometimes on multiple occasions… yet there they are, back at it again, attacking Goons.  And so I suspect that no matter the outcome of the war, some form of The Imperium… maybe rebranded, maybe just flying under the Fat Bee flag, maybe with some leader besides The Mittani… will exist and will flourish and reassert some portion of its power again.

And then Dinsdale could say, “I told you so!  They won in the end!”

Is this a problem?  Or is EVE Online already savage enough?

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Goons Will Win the War

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – When you have a couple thousand allies actively helping, that is hardly “on their own.” But glad to see I could get you to rise to that deliberate troll.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Raziel Walker – Agreed!

    And, this just in via Jabber, it appears that the fight at VFK-IV went totally our way, all timers secured, Moneybadgers left without much to show for the effort.


  3. Stabs

    It’s a bit more complex than that, I’ll try to give an overview tomorrow. But yeah it’s been a very solid day’s defending by The Imperium against superior numbers. Good work!


  4. Dinsdale Pirannha

    OK, a few things:

    1. I post a lot under my alt Vince Snetterton. That is because I am am idiot and can’t figure out my passwords anymore for most of the blog sites.
    2. I was banned by Verone long ago on the Eve forums, though I have a response to my petition that while the people that banned me are long gone and CCP can’t find any evidence in their logs of why I was banned, they just know in their bones I should be banned.
    3. I would very much like to see the wallets of the gambling site owners and compare that to the goon leadership and their cash flow. I still bet on goons having more resources to call on that IWantISK.
    4. Since Elo is already being paid by goons in this war, clearly we need another BL to show up. I don’t buy the concept that any turncoat will never be able to live down the shame. Eve history is filled with corps/ alliances that prospered after switching sides. I am banking on PL being that group. I believe Gevlon put forth the idea that PL will leverage their loyalty for a piece of the RMT machine that will be parked one jump from Jita. And if goons can hold off the alliance until that citadel is up and running, any discussion of ISK being a problem for goons is done.
    5. The biggest threat to this alliance is indeed a matter of boredom and some antipathy between alliance members. This are easy when victories are continuous. But if more bumps like the VFK fight happen, the stress fractures will likely appear in the alliance.

    So yeah, bottom line, goons are just too large, too well-organized, and inherently supported by CCP to fail. And I have not even discussed the threats that goons have most certainly made to CCP about what will happen if the RMT machine is shut down. If goons lose their ISK bastions, between the DDos attacks and 10,000 goons going all CODE, all the time, everywhere, CCP will lose so many subs that they will be in serious trouble.


  5. Rob Kaichin

    I actually hope that the Goons will…I don’t know…un-brand?

    Like, return to old GS, not GSF. Kick all the non goons, kick the boring people, Make Goons great again!, or something.

    I said it before: The Imperium is boring-evil. They’re there, they’re ‘menacing’, they behave like a corporate party on a teambuilding retreat. No-one does anything crazy, or tries anything too insane, because you’re with your co-workers.

    I think that that’s what tore out their heart.

    Bring back the CFC, kick Mittens and Sion, become the man you were born to be!


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