The Russian Complication

Goons have always maintained a good relationship with the Russians in New Eden, generally speaking, going all the way back to The Great War and being given a home by Red Alliance when their own sovereignty had been taken.

As such, Goons, then the CFC, and now The Imperium, tend to treat the Russians with greater care than other groups.  We sometimes join them, as happened during the Halloween War, and  we generally do not join coalitions against them or get mixed up in their own Russian vs. Russian wars.

There have been exceptions.  There was a battle between Red Alliance and other Russians at C-J6MT, a system name you should know if you’ve grabbed a copy of Empires of EVE, where Goons flew down to join the battle for the sake of historical obligations.

We’ve also been at war with Against All Authorities (-A-) on at least one occasion while I have been around.  That was one of the wars in Delve (2012 version which ended up with it in TEST’s hands) where -A- was part of the coalition against us.  If I recall right, they were pushed out of their space in Catch at the end of that, though with the resilience that the Russians tend to show over the long run, they returned and reconquered some of it later. (Map source)

That green spot on the map is still there

That green spot on the map keeps coming back

There is more to the whole Russian thing, as the relationship is multifaceted and resists being summed up into a nice little package, but I think my general statements apply even if you can find points in history that bend or break the overall arc.  You can add details in the comments if you like, as this is outside my area of expertise.

So it was that, when the fighting in the north broke out into a general war against The Imperium, some Russians declared for us.  Specifically, some members of the loose coalition called Stainwagon Mk. II (there is a site that tracks these coalitions, because there is no in-game organization beyond alliances) said they would join the fight.  And some of them have sent forces up to camp gates and harass our foes, for which we are grateful.  Every little bit helps.

But another group of Russians, those in the Drone Region Federation (again, the coalition site), made no such general statement.  Some elements of it have been seen in the north on either side of the conflict.  For example, looking at kill boards, I see Triumvirate (not Russians, but part of the DRF) shooting The Imperium at some points, and shooting TEST or MOA or CO2 at others.  It seems that they mostly shoot us, but they aren’t as discerning in their targets as you might imagine.  Still, no general involvement by the DRF as a whole.

Then yesterday Legion of xXDeathXx announced that they were going to break with the Drone Walkers, a newly formed alliance that, if I follow the thread correctly, came out of Alternate Allegiance and inPanic which were formed under the auspices of Legion of xXDeathXx.

However, the Drone Walkers took it upon themselves to join in the war against The Imperium, coming up out of Cobalt Edge to attack Tenal, as noted over at The Nosy Gamer, rolling up all the space The Initiative held along with most of Razor’s space in the process.

Tenal and Branch - April 10, 2016

Tenal and Branch – April 10, 2016

This was probably a bit awkward for UAxDeath.  Legion of xXDeathXx (which I am going to shorten to Legion) has been pretty tight with the us for a while, and was a de facto member of the CFC at one point before loosening ties with us.  But there have been good neighbor agreements between the two parties for a long time.  Those agreements were part of CO2’s gripes against The Imperium as CO2 went off to attack Legion assets despite those agreements.

So Legion has no love for some of our foes and historical reasons to support us.  But Legion is also in an awkward spot, being a fellow sov holding alliance and watching us get shredded by a coalition of largely non-sov holding entities.  I can see not wanting to open a new front in the general war in the north, which would put their own holdings at risk.

So, instead, Legion has declared war against just the Drone Walkers.  The hope is doubtless to keep that conflict contained to just the north, take some pressure off of The Imperium, yet not invite the whole Moneybadger Coalition to turn on them.  The Drone Walkers are a family squabble in that scenario, not a widening of the war.

No doubt, from the Legion’s perspective, the war carrying on longer keeps the rest of New Eden occupied attacking The Imperium and not thinking about what other large sovereignty holding coalition might need breaking up.  So giving us a hand in this regard may help with that.

However, will the Moneybadger Coalition see it that way?  The responses on Reddit to the news have included random people calling for an expansion of the war.  But they are not the Pandemic Legion or Northern Coalition leadership, the senior members of the MBC.  They may have no interest in expanding the war right now.  But the MBC is a loose association.  Just because PL and NCDot don’t want to move in that direction doesn’t mean nobody will.

So the question seems to be will this remain a side conflict and whether or not it will provide much in the way of relief for The Imperium.

Addendum: And speaking of Russians, who are the newly formed Pure Blind Cartel?

18 thoughts on “The Russian Complication

  1. H.C

    “So the question seems to be will this remain a side conflict and whether or not it will provide much in the way of relief for The Imperium.”

    If this happened a week earlier, I’d say it could have possibly snow-balled the Branch invasion by MBC proper. But now? Tenal is more or less down, Branch has been evacced and Deklein is starting to feel some pressure. The portion that Drone Walkers were working on is over and I doubt they would go any further, so I think it’s too late to matter in the terms of this phase of the war.


  2. Fenjay

    A little gloss on the history of AAA, both from my memories as part of Goonswarm during the first Great War and a little fact-checking to ensure I remembered right.

    AAA is one of the few Russian groups that has rarely been allied with Goons/CFC/Imperium. They were on the same “side” in some early proxy wars, which were more along the lines of having a common enemy than directly allying (much like the MBC of today). But some time before the BoB disband, a small faction of RA got into a kerfuffle about 10/10 DED plexes, which were static back then, running them in spite of agreements that they belonged to Goons. This faction was kicked out of RA over it to form RED.Overlord (ROL), which started harassing Goons from the opposite side of the BoB front. AAA joined up with ROL and was thereafter hostile to Goons.


  3. Rob Kaichin

    Some of PBC are ex-MoA, but not the majority. They’re an interesting bunch of people: Glenarvan (sp) is the baller who yolo’d dreads on the various jump bridges and cynobeacons of the north.

    As for the actions of Legion of xxdeathxx and their leader, it seems wildly and absurdly foolish. They’ve (Walkers) have RF’d 3 regions in a day, almost, and could, if they kill that many ihubs (and it seems likely that legion of xxdeathxx won’t form for all of them), inflict billions-trillions of ISK losses.

    I suspect that past debts were called in, and Legion were pressured. I’m not convinced that paying those debts was the right decision though.


  4. Those bee guys

    I think it was entirely possible that parts of the MBC would break off to fight in the drone wars with CFC not showing up. That was before the most recent CFC leadership leaks with that bee leader guy with his multi dollar media empire threatening IRL jobs at CCP and shitting all over FCON and SMA.

    Now all focus seem to have shifted back on fucking over the CFC leadership which was the original point, and probably a good focus area considering the war has only just now entered Deklein.

    I mean it’s entirely possible the CFC is willing to lose everything they’ve build without a fight in the hopes that they’ll be able to do something once this cools down, but with high ADMs it’ll still take a while to burn the undefended assets.


  5. Chaosrook

    I have been reading your blog for years now and you do so well to make eve such an inviting place. :) Its hard to resist running out and trying it. I once tried the trial back in 2013 but can only recall floating around in the pod but just didn’t have enough time to play it to get a real feel for it. Is it worth a look at this point for a noob?


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TBG – Well, somebody went after their sovereignty in Oasa. We’ll see if that keeps up.

    @Chaosrook – EVE is probably good for two different types of people. The first are those who enjoy exploring and figuring out complex system… and who love the idea of space. I have some blog posts from my early days in EVE where I wrote about something and got comments that site x could have told me how to do that thing, but just figuring it out on my own was the satisfying bit.

    The second are people or groups who can figure out a mission or goal for themselves and work towards it. EVE is notoriously bad at telling you what to do. Even the new opportunities/achievements based tutorial is pretty indifferent as to what you do. Warp to something, don’t warp to something, whatever you like. The first six year of me in EVE was going from goal to goal. And then I went to null sec and my goals changed a bit, becoming more goals within an organization than a game.

    But it is certainly no worse for new players now than it has been.


  7. Chaosrook

    I understand what you mean about making your own path and goals as such. I spent 98-2002 playing hours and hours of Ultima Online at its height. Back when it was a much different game. You could spend hours mining or chopping wood; all in the desire to profit in some way. Most MMOs arn’t anything like that anymore.

    Much as WoW vanilla is nowhere close to its current. Its this unchanging realism that has some appeal. I know you can mine but are their many out their that spend much time doing it? Are their people whom are traders for example. I conjure the image of the old PC game Mega Traveller where you could buy water on a water world and transport it to a desert to make profit on it. Outside of the Mass Battles of Nullsec, is there enough for a PVE kinda guy to become a wealthy merchant?


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Chaosrook – You could easily go into EVE Online and play it as a space version of the old game Taipan. Trading and hauling is a completely viable occupation, especially since there is no magic delivery system in the game. If you buy something that is in a given station, you have to go there and collect it. You can be just a few jumps from a major trade hub and set up shop in a station that serves mission runners and sell them supplied at a considerable markup, just because travel is a thing that takes time. Or you can look for courier contracts to haul things for other people. And, as with Taipan, you have to take care because in some systems pirates, in the form of real players, will try to blow up your ship to take your cargo.


  9. Chaosrook

    What happens if said cargo hauler takes out a courier contract to haul things (such as those ships I think I remember you saying) from one star system to another and gets destroyed? Does the ships you paid for to have shipped also get destroyed? If so how is that resolved? I find it interesting but I was a Supply Sergeant in the Army :).


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Chaosrook – Most courier contracts have a collateral requirement that you pay into an escrow account. If you deliver successfully, you get it back. If you get blown up and lose the cargo, the person who contracted you gets the payout. Beware of over-collateralized contracts, they may be traps.


  11. Chaosrook

    I am definitely warming to the idea, and am going to have to try a 30 day stent. I am starting to do some reading research…found a eve university site that has some information on industry. You know of any wowhead like sites that are a stop all place to find information in mass for a noobs consumption?


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Chaosrook – I don’t know of anything for EVE as comprehensive as WoWHead is to WoW. A couple weeks back I put up a blog post about CCP attempting to gather new player resources into a single Dev Blog. That post also has some info on special “return to EVE” rates if you already have an EVE Online account. You might get 10 days free, or 10 days for 99 cents.


  13. Stabs

    @Chaosrook Wilhelm can give you a buddy key which gives you 21 days free instead of the regular 14 days and adds some game time for him if you decide to subscribe.


  14. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Chaosrook – Aww, the blog stats indicate that you even clicked on the buddy link. Thank you! Granted, the odds are pretty good that EVE will chase you away before you subscribe, but it is the thought that counts.


  15. Chaosrook

    Well, I created a character …Jean Henri Krumm. Going to see if I can just create a character with a single name…I.e. Krumm. I seen skills like contracting and planetary something inother which can let you have like planetary mining or such…it warms my ambitions. It will be along road; one i want to take.

    I had the hardest time pointing my ship in the direction of the first hostile….


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