The Russian Complication – That Escalated Quickly

Yesterday I wrote about Legion of xXDeathXx and their to declaration of war against the Drone Walkers, a group that developed under its wing. (EN24 has a post about this now as well.)  I was curious to see how that would work out, whether Legion could keep the conflict between just itself and its progeny or if the whole thing would get mixed into the wider war in the North.

I still don’t know if this conflict will link up with the main war, but the Drone Walkers and their allies were quick to turn their focus on their erstwhile benefactor, going directly after the Legion’s rental space that resides under the Shadow of xXDeathXx banner.

The xXDeathXx empire as it stands

The xXDeathXx empire as it stands

Basically, “Entosis all the things!” seems to be the quote of the day.

A peek this morning showed lots of activity in the Oasa region, where Shadow was losing most of the Fozzie Sov tug of war events:

Ugly in Oasa for xXDeathXx

Ugly in Oasa for xXDeathXx

Likewise, the Cobalt Edge region looked to be aflame as well, with events going against the defenders:

Cobalt Edge on fire

Cobalt Edge on fire

The Perrigen Falls region was likewise heavily hit, but being closer to the Legion core, the events seem to be going more the way of the defender:

Perrigen Falls events

Perrigen Falls events

Systems in Etherium Reach and The Kalevala Expanse have also been hit, but not to the same degree, while the Legion’s home in Geminate appears to have remained untouched, perhaps indicating that the Moneybadgers haven’t turned their gaze in the Legion’s direction.

These are, of course, early results.  The Drone Walkers and their allies were clearly mobilized and ready and the ferocity of their attack appears to have caught Legion and its renters by surprise.

There are a lot more Fozzie Sov entosis events queued up and it is possible that the Legion might rally against its foes.  But it looks like the Legion has its hands full even without the Moneybadgers getting involved in this part of the conflict.  Has the Legion made one of the classic blunders and gotten itself involved in a land war in Asia?

5 thoughts on “The Russian Complication – That Escalated Quickly

  1. Stabs

    Something of a coup for The Mittani but not enough to turn things round. The Drone Walkers were an unexpected addition to the Allies, and have done a reasonably useful job mopping up Tenal.

    I think Drone Walkers and XDeath will keep each other occupied while the rest of World War Bee plays out.

    As for who wins, it comes down to tenacity. If a small group of people are determined to make timers and the defenders don’t want to keep forming then sov will die. From the outside it seems unlikely that XDeath can keep chasing off gnat bites all across its vast bloated region but the ability to win decisive fights may be enough to make the attackers give up.

    Basically if the attackers use Thrashers XDeath is in trouble, if they use Legions XDeath will win.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – One interesting bit for me was the comment by LinuxTheKid over at EN24 that said:

    “We entosised AFTER they reset us unexpectedly. The vast majority of us were in tenal when we got the news, and were surprised by it, considering we’d been given the greenlight”

    So I wonder how that played out and when we’ll get the inevitable log leak about it.

    Also, this should totally be on an episode of The Scope.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @evehermit – Yes, that is a very likely outcome. Furthermore, the process of burning down all of the Legion’s systems means that all the ADMs will be set to 1 and the systems will all be very hard to hold for anybody who hasn’t got the forces and patience to sit on each and every constellation. This could be the sound of the northeast of New Eden null sec shattering into pieces.

    And, if I understand things right, this is where PL has many of its money moons.


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