No Last Stand in VFK as War Comes to Deklein

I opined a couple weeks back that I had nailed my colors to the mast for this war and would go down with the metaphorical ship, ready for that last ditch fight at VFK-IV, the one-time center station of the CFC and still a location with historical weight to it.

Of course, that grand vision ended up being made moot as we abandoned all our null sec staging systems and fell back to the hills of low sec to conduct a guerilla war out of the Quafe Company Company Warehouse in Saranen where we cannot be bubbled or camped effectively and where, while we lack cloning services, we have a nearly limitless supply of pretend carbonated beverages.

Effectively The Imperium logo now

Effectively The Imperium logo now

What I am waiting for now is somebody to put together a picture of The Mittani with a Che Guevara beret holding a bottle of refreshing Quafe or Quafe Zero.

Meanwhile the Moneybadgers have finally turned their attention to the heart of Goon space, the region of Deklein.  Relatively peaceful up until earlier this week, leaving aside the botched attempt to take VFK-IV on April Fools Day and repeated attempts to hack that one TNT system in the region, the MBC chose to put its weight into the effort and first reinforced, then finally blockaded and took two key systems in the region, VFK-IV, which has symbolic value, and YA0-XJ, the previous staging system for the coalition and the one-time biggest market station in null sec by a significant margin.  (When I checked EVE Market Data rankings earlier, Provi Bloc’s station at F-YH5B had eclipsed the current YA0 market, while the market at our staging station in Saranen had pulled ahead.  That said, it would seem there is still a lot of stuff in YA0.  Not everybody shipped their stuff out when I did I guess.)

So the map of Deklein now has this on it:

VFK and YA0 in new hands

VFK and YA0 in new hands

I would be interested to know how the MBC decided who got to take which system.  Certainly TEST and NCDot have suffered defeat at the hands of the CFC in the past, NCDot on repeated occasions after coming at the CFC.  Did TEST get VFK to make up for the fact that at the end of the Fountain War, their bitter rival from their own time in the CFC, Fatal Ascension, was allowed to take their capital at 6VDT-H?

Anyway, the oft stated slogan of “VFK by <date>,” first summed up after a White Noise pronouncement back in late 2011, has finally been achieved.

The war will continue in Deklein, however the numbers our foes can bring to bear and the distance from our staging system pretty much assures that we will lose the region sooner rather than later.  So we hole up in the back room of a soda pop warehouse and make our plans while The Mittani polishes his Goonhammer and talks about the wonder weapons that will send our foes fleeing before us.

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself… also, Caroline’s Star visible

Of course, with TMC having pissed off I Want ISK, causing them to vow to continue to fund the war forever if necessary (Casino War eternal), we may be here for a long time.  At least I have the appropriate skin for my Megathron.

26 thoughts on “No Last Stand in VFK as War Comes to Deklein

  1. Jonathan

    That’s kind of sad. I suspect that you are far from the only one to have looked forward, in a rather dark way, to having the honor of making a heroic last stand. It could have been a story worth telling. The reddit forums have been rather full of “Remember 6VDT!” It seems a pity that you and your allies will not get a corresponding “Remember VFK!” to hold.


  2. Random Poster

    WAsn’t goon forced out of Nullsec a logn time ago only to reemerge stronger from what I have read? If so won’t this just all repeat?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Random Poster – Yes, that is something that Mittens has brought up as part of his narrative more than a few times. That is the basis of the whole “hellwar” grudge match attitude, that Goons have been here before. But CCP, EVE, Goons, their allies, and the people we’re fighting have all changed a lot since events that started a decade back. I was lost in the new player tutorial back when Goons were getting kicked out of their space by BoB the first time around.

    Marx said history repeats itself. Then Hegel added “The first time is tragedy, the second time is farce.” We shall see.


  4. Random Poster

    I think th emost entertaiing war I read about was when BoB got disbanded. I wan’t even intrereste din Eve but some guy on the City Of Heroes forum would summarize everything each day. Was one of the best bit of writings I had seen that made Eve make sense. THink that is why I like your posts about it as it reminds me of it.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jonathan – There is a certain amount of closure in going out in a blaze of glory, of making that last stand and getting it all over with. Everybody feels like they are done and can move on. Instead we will have ongoing conflict until somebody wears out.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jester – Unless something new has come up that I haven’t seen, TNT hasn’t folded up shop or declared it is leaving The Imperium yet, so no. I will continue to click on strategic participation links as a TNT pilot, which is my primary contribution to my corp. But if it comes down to it, I’ll swap over to KarmaFleet because I know a few people there.


  7. Stabs

    Have you considered FCing, Wilhelm?

    You certainly know the game well and it seems to me that that’s where your coalition is at its weakest.

    I think part of creating a good future for the Imperium (even more so for TNT if you split off) will be people who can step up. You have isk. You have numbers. What you seem to lack is depth of FCs who win fights.


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – I can think of few things that would hurt our cause more or give greater haste to our foe’s victory than putting me in charge of a fleet in the presence of the enemy. I’ve been logi anchor a few times, but I was already feeling I had hit my level of incompetence with that.

    I fly logi because we never have enough and I want to help where help is needed. I’ve also trained up to be a wing/fleet booster because that position is always in demand, but haven’t done that yet, mostly because I don’t really understand it well enough (and we don’t have a training class for it) to put a ship that expensive, along with implants, on the line when my screwing up will directly harm the fleet.


  9. Fenjay

    Do I detect in this post the first small stirrings of fatalism mixed with a little irony?

    To clarify where I’m coming from, despite being technically a part of the MBC I am not all grr goons. I am more pro-interesting Eve. That said, I have been hoping for more of a difficult war, but it doesn’t seem to be materializing. “Weaponized boredom” seems to be equal to just letting the MBC take the space and now “hellwar” is starting to sound a little like the much-lampooned ~wulfpax~.

    I read twice through the war update on TMC and can’t quite get it to make sense. Apparently because Aegis/FozzieSov is easier on attackers, it’s better not to defend and then just re-take the space? That seems like a recipe for losing momentum, morale and ADMs more than a good war plan. I will be very interested to see whether it works.

    The reason it’s easier on attackers seems to be that the defenders have to all be in the same alliance to defend, which disadvantages coalitions, which could be considered to de-incentivize creation of blue donuts. This, to me, seems worth it in the larger view.


  10. Rob Kaichin

    “Signing up to assault your comment section here, sir!”

    “When I checked EVE Market Data rankings earlier, Provi Bloc’s station at F-YH5B had eclipsed the current YA0 market, while the market at our staging station in Saranen had pulled ahead.”

    Eve market data is very strange. If you check the listings, there are two of some stations. Look at aggregate YA0, there is ~850 billion or so. But looking at non-aggregate, there are two outposts with 400billion ea.

    I don’t know why it’s broken, so I’m sticking with the 400 bil figure.

    I wonder how many billions of ISK in jump clones is locked up in stations we’ve captured. Wouldn’t it be great if CCP told us the value of assets in stations?


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Fenjay – “Do I detect in this post the first small stirrings of fatalism mixed with a little irony?”

    Only if you just started reading the blog today. Fatalism and irony are staples of my personality. I’m also told my sense of humor can be quite dry, so it is sometimes unclear if I am kidding, bullshitting, or telling the truth. And that is in person. In text I am probably even less comprehensible.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure both were present in my first look at a last stand in VFK. Certainly posting a picture of the alliance logos for our coalition with red X’s through the departed members also displays a bit of both.


  12. Rob Kaichin

    ” I’ve been logi anchor a few times, but I was already feeling I had hit my level of incompetence with that.”

    (Side post that really shouldn’t be here incoming)

    Being DPS anchor (eventually being FC) really isn’t all that different to being logi anchor. Instead of pulling away from the enemy, you go towards them!

    (Straight at them, if you’re feeling baller).

    I get the “I’m not good enough” attitude, but the only way to get better is learning, and you’ve already got the basics down. Have a go with a sword fleet. It’s basically replaceable, no matter what, and you’ll either get some awesome dunks, or you’ll get shredded.

    Which, no matter what happens, is good for you and good for Eve.


  13. Stabs

    “I can think of few things that would hurt our cause more or give greater haste to our foe’s victory than putting me in charge of a fleet in the presence of the enemy.”

    That’s fair enough.

    I do think that’s the great weakness of The Imperium: aggressive successful FCs. Your previous lifestyle discouraged such people. I think your next iteration may give you the chance to see them flourish.


  14. Jonathan

    When the healer says “I don’t want to be raid leader, just let me heal!” you just let him or her heal. It’s better for everyone.


  15. flosch

    @Wilhelm: ‘Marx said history repeats itself. Then Hegel added “The first time is tragedy, the second time is farce.” We shall see.’

    My inner smartass compels me to point out that it was the other way round, or at least Marx claimed in the 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon that Hegel said that thing about repetition. ;-) Props for that quote though, and a very fitting tongue-in-cheek one in this context!

    And when it comes to FCing, I totally understand you. I already disliked raid leading, and I felt like I had a thorough understanding on that topic. Me FCing would be coordinating a bunch of chickens while feeling like a headless chicken myself.


  16. Gevlon

    “War of Sovless Aggression” is the right name. Those damn lowsec nobodies from Saranen are harassing TEST, NC. TISHU, REKTD, MoA, KOS sov with their damn trollceptors.

    I say entosis should only be fitted on battlecruisers and above so those lowsec rejects need to actually commit something to the field.


  17. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Wow. just wow. Never have I been so happy to be so wrong.

    I figured goons would have pulled some kind of crap from their hat and held off the Allies long enough to maintain their core holdings until the RMT machine 1 jump from Jita was set up, and then it would have been lights out for anybody opposing the failed lawyer.

    I really did not see this coming, and the RMT cartel’s leadership would just turtle so easily. But it does allow them to preserve trillions in ISK and assets that can be liquidated for personal gain or to fund in-game terrorism in order not to destroy “our game, but THE game”.. If the lead sociopath decides he can’t wait this out and regain his RMT flows in he future, I have no doubt he will try to wipe out Eve, and CCP, by driving as many players as possible from the game.


  18. SynCaine

    “I really did not see this coming” should be written on your tombstone.

    These events do suggest one thing, which previous wars (eviction of TEST for example) have also hinted at; Sov space in EVE is too easy to give up and have that be the correct decision. Because ultimately Goons will be back in null, likely just as strong, while those who gathered to temporarily remove them will have drifted off or started shooting each other. Maybe citadels will fix this, but I think its pretty clear that right now its an issue when you can just walk away from your holdings and not have it really matter.


  19. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Topic guess for this week’s Meta Show: CCP is going to “fix” Fozzie Sov to make it easier for defenders to hold their space, but only after Goons lose Deklein.


  20. Egern dd

    Time will tell how easy it is. I mean those buy back programs don’t fund themselves and right now goons are bleeding billions each day.


  21. Rob Kaichin

    @Elkcunkcuf (who has the most unusual name I’ve seen)

    “Has sword fleet ever not lost?” you ask?

    That depends on whether DBRB is FCing :P.


  22. Anonymouse

    I find it rather amusing that the Imperium has resorted to the standard, and ofttimes mocked, carebear defense, against high-sec wardecs:

    a) hide in an NPC station,
    b) stay logged off until the war goes away (in this case, all Imperium supercaps),
    c) only undock in cheap ships, and
    d) whine and complain about unfair game mechanics

    I have even heard that Goonswarm members are running back-to-back high-sec L4 missions (using alts, ofc), in order to grind ISK.

    Gevlon should be happy. He was around to see the Goons run from what could have been the best PvP event ever in the game and become true carebears.


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