FCON Shows Up in Immensea

One headline from the litany of bad news for The Imperium last week was about Fidelas Constans, or FCON, leaving the coalition.  While they gave a general statement about seeking sovereignty somewhere else, no details were immediately forthcoming.

Down nearly 1,000 since last week

Down nearly 1,000 members since last week

Well, they have popped up on the sovereignty map already.

While the alliances that are part of the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition, including Darkness, The Methodical Alliance, Nerfed Alliance Go Away, and Blades of Grass are busy taking over some of the territory ceded by FCON (and Executive Outcomes) in Branch

Branch - April 19, 2016

Branch – April 19, 2016

…FCON is down in Immensea and Detroid attacking systems from those same alliances, with its flag already planted in a few places.

Immensea - April 19, 2016

Immensea – April 19, 2016

I doubt this is any sort of agreed upon exchange, especially since it looks like everybody besides TMA is contesting at least some of the timers down there.  However, if the GotG coalition is serious about setting up shop in Branch, it is going to be very difficult for them to hold onto territory down south in Immensea if FCON is determined to push into the area.  Of course, we’ll have to see how other residents in the area react to having new neighbors.

Immensea is a distant location for me, though I have been there a few times.  We never ended up in the region for Reavers, but there was a special deployment (including a long flight home), the Halloween war forward staging , and of course, the epic battle of B-R5RB.

7 thoughts on “FCON Shows Up in Immensea

  1. Random poster

    WoW an Eve post with no responses, one of the seven signs at this point no?

    Do you think it will pull some of the pressure off you guys or do you think they are going to continue to ignore their losses in their old areas?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Random poster – I know, right? It apparently doesn’t fit anybody’s narrative, which makes me all that much happier about the post. I like to post tidbits that nobody else has bothered with. After mentioning FCON last week I felt it was appropriate to keep up on what happened after they left The Imperium.

    If the GotG group from around Immensea is serious about living up in Branch, they will have to eventually let go and commit to the north the way that TEST has. They may be holding FCON off so that they can extract assets, but the two locations are too far apart to hold both with the same group of pilots. Of course “eventually” is the key word, as nobody is going to bother them in Branch for quite a while, so they can take their time.


  3. H.C

    Hey Wilhelm,

    Yeah, we have abandoned our holdings last weekend after we were able to acquire better sov elsewhere, in this case Branch/North Deklein. Not much else to say at this point, though I’m glad to see FCON is doing well so far in life after the Imperium.


  4. H.C

    The majority of them. There is a couple alliances staying behind, but most of the group has moved up North.


  5. Fenjay

    I was thinking that this, like the Drone Walkers vs. xDeath thing, is an example of the greater destabilizing influence the war is having (which is a good thing for Eve). If FCON’s move starts a war down south, or at least some kind of local conflict, then that is more interesting stuff going on in the universe at large, and less stagnation.


  6. anon

    Looking at the sov map, as of this writing, some people from stainwagon are also helping themselves with GotG’s southeast holdings.


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