Google Tells Me Nearly All Games are Dead

There is a game you can play with Google… well, there are probably many, but this is one of them… where you enter the name of something, followed by “is” to see what pre-filled search suggestions come up.  These results are driven by what people have searched for previously.

As I was playing this game the other night instead of doing something important, I began to notice a trend in my searches.  It seemed like Google was declaring most everything dead.

Sure, sometimes that was apt.


Abe Vigoda, after being reported dead by mistake on multiple occasions over the years, does indeed now sleep with the fishes, having passed earlier this year.

And sometimes the result wasn’t so spot on:


I’m pretty sure somebody would have mentioned if he was dead… or a mack daddy.

I decided to see if that trend held for video games on my side bar.  First on the list was, of course, EVE Online:


Given that “EVE is dying…” is practically an meme at this point, that wasn’t too surprising.

Likewise, EverQuest, at 17 years of age got a similar result:


At least it wasn’t both “dead” and “dying” I suppose.  Of course, that last item lead me to World of Warcraft:


Three of those aren’t so good, “dead,” “dying,” and “boring.”  Even EVE Online didn’t get “boring” as a top result.  That lead to a series of other titles, all of which at least got dead as a result:





I had a whole run there where “dead” wasn’t just a result, but the top result.  Then I started branching out from MMOs:



I finally hit a game where “dead” wasn’t the top result, though I am not sure that was a good thing:


Even Minecraft got “dead” as a result, though at least it was in fourth position, which was practically an endorsement at this point:


Hey, “awesome” came before “dead!”

Landmark was odd, but I think it suffers from having a generic name:


Still, I think “dead” might be in there just for it.

Then, finally, I hit a game that wasn’t dead:


League of Legends is only “dying,” not “dead.”  Also, it is “gay,” which I think says more about the demographic that is searching for things about it.  Still, it is doing better than Heroes of the Storm:


“Dead,” “dying,” “bad,” and “free!”

Then at last, I hit a search where “dead” wasn’t even a result:


I’m not sure Hearthstone was really winning with that draw.  I mean sure, “dead” wasn’t on the list, but the rest was hardly an endorsement.

14 thoughts on “Google Tells Me Nearly All Games are Dead

  1. bhagpuss

    I lloled. That’s “literally laughed out loud”. I thought I just made that up but I googled it to check and it appears someone else thought of it first.

    Thanks for introducing me to that game. There aren’t many time-wasting internet things we can get away with where I work but no-one’s tried to stop us doing google searches yet so that’s going to come in handy.


  2. Shintar

    Sometimes these suggested searches have been so weird that I gotta question whether they are genuine, but they can be quite funny either way.

    These in particular shed a very amusing light on people’s neverending “game is dead” complaints. Somewhat to my surprise, Neverwinter Online didn’t get “dead” in its top four! But that was probably because they had to fit both “pay to win” and “p2w” in there…


  3. Sydney

    There is a self-help program called The Landmark Forum which is a spin-off of EST (whose founder, a car salesman named Werner Erhard, uses some of the beginner levels of Scientology). These LGAT (large group awareness training) organizations basically break participants down by yelling at them for hours and then rebuilding them up into a new cult identity. Then they are encouraged to invite more people into this “life changing” program. That’s why you got those search results.


  4. SynCaine

    Follow-up: Why would someone actually search “X game is dead”? Wouldn’t it always be “Is X game dead”? Or is that just a google simplification thing?
    Good stuff either way though. Also don’t you owe me a post or is this it? You said something about a post coming Thursday, but that was just the CSM post?


  5. Mbp

    Apologies in advance Wilhelm but I had to do it

    Goonswarm is …
    Literally the CIA
    A CIA front
    Is Goonswarm still around?


  6. Rob Kaichin

    Eve is “easy”





    Anyway, let me get something out.

    If Eve is dead, are we real?



  7. Matt

    I guess what it illustrates is that the number one concern on many gamers’ minds is “How can I avoid playing yesterday’s news?”


  8. Troy Smith

    Stellaris is…

    stellaris fish
    stellaris frequency is out of range
    stellaris tboolean is undefined
    stellaris faultsir
    what is stellaris Launchpad

    Whew. Stellaris hasn’t launched yet and I’m grateful that it hasn’t died before I get a chance to download it.


  9. Eph

    “Tetris is a banana, Tetris is for chicks, Tetris is the perfect game, Tetris is good for your brain.” – Google.


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