Deklein Falls, Goon Splinter Groups Double

The last system in the Deklein region, homeland of the Goonswarm Federation for more than five years fell during the wee hours of the morning.

Deklein - April 25, 2016

Deklein – April 25, 2016

Deklein joins Branch, Tenal, and Tribute as regions completely lost by The Imperium.  Fighting continues is Fade, Pure Blind, and Vale of the Silent.

Meanwhile, Darius JOHNSON, former Goon leader, former CCP dev, and former TMC contributor, has announced his return to the game, decrying ally alienating decisions made by the current GSF/TMC leadership and heaping scorn on the pubbies that make up the coalition as a whole, and the alliance specifically.  He says he doesn’t want to fight The Imperium, but he doesn’t want to associate with it either.  He just wants to make a home for “true Goons,” of which he estimates there are about 200 in the whole coalition.  Getting those 200 to flock to his banner would boost the numbers in his new corporation, Ten Dollar Bond, to nearly 250 pilots.  With that he says he has a plan to rescue their assets in Deklein.

Ten Dollar Bond

Ten Dollar Bond

I am told that idea doesn’t sit well with another Something Awful splinter group in New Eden, The Greater Goon, part of the Clockwork Pineapple alliance, which joined forces with the Moneybadger Coalition to attack The Imperium.

The Greater Goon

The Greater Goon

We shall see how well they and their 80 members do against Darius JOHNSON’s handpicked 46 to win the hearts and minds of “true Goons” in New Eden.  Not being a “true Goon” (though I paid my $10 to SA back in 2008) neither side is likely to see me as anything but a target.

3 thoughts on “Deklein Falls, Goon Splinter Groups Double

  1. Werd

    Between bee inability to fight back and all of deklein having been burnt the war was really over, all that was left was to spend the next year breaking those bee guys and making sure they never took sov.

    With DJ stepping in with a refubee program for true goons it seems the end of the imperium leadership is going to come without much of a fight.

    I hope you boys don’t plan on keeping the war too civil.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    And nice way to kick off the RMT machine. Give him 10 bucks and you can play with the cool kids.Of course, CCP will say “huh”? Truly shows how screwed up CCP was to allow this asshat to run the security dept while he openly admitted he was still a goon.


  3. Gaff

    Dinsdale, do you know what 10 bucks is for? Registering at Something Awful, where EVE is less than a blip on the activity of the forums. It is a very small piece of just the MMO Hub games section. Darius is not receiving any money from that registration fee as he isn’t Lowtax.


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