EVE Online Free on Steam this Weekend

In order to celebrate EVE Online’s 13th birthday tomorrow and its becoming an unruly teenager… like it hasn’t been behaving that way all this time already… you will be able to download and play the game for free on Steam.

A 1pm cut off on Sunday seems a bit chintzy...

A 1pm cut off on Sunday seems a bit chintzy…

That means, if you start today… and the whole things starts today… at some point… maybe 1pm Pacific time… you could potentially get in as much as three days in New Eden to experience the furtive, achievement based tutorial, learn about skill queues and how long it will take to fly a battleship, see all the scams in Jita, and at least experience how cool the sensation of flying in space can be.

I think starting as Gallente gets you the prettiest nebulae.

Gallente rookie ship zipping about...

Gallente rookie ship zipping about…

Of course, if you REALLY wanted to try out the game… and maybe not have your account totally locked into Steam for no real good reason… you could always just go to the EVE Online web site and get a 14 Day free trial.

Or, if you were feeling especially interested and a bit generous, you could get a 21 Day free trial by clicking on my buddy link.  Exactly one person has done that in the last three years, though I admit I don’t flash it around either, keeping it hidden on the side bar of my other blog.

Okay, the three day Steam offer does say “no restrictions,” while the trial offer has some walls around it, there being some skills and such that you cannot train on trial accounts.  But you’re not going to have the ISK or a reason to train those skills in just three days, now are you?

Anyway, my cynicism aside, happy birthday to EVE Online.  Come fly around in space for a bit.  Goons won’t scam you, I promise.  You won’t have enough ISK to be worth the effort.

7 thoughts on “EVE Online Free on Steam this Weekend

  1. SynCaine

    Not an option yet on my Steam. Also I wonder if this means all old accounts are all activated? That could lead to an… interesting weekend.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I suspect that 1pm Pacific Time might be the trigger.

    I do not know about old accounts, but they would have to be linked to Steam in order to be unlocked, and once your account is linked to Steam there is no undoing it I understand and you have to do all your account transactions through Steam.


  3. Random poster

    Heh I’m not even sure where I left myself it was not in null since I never got out that way except once seeing how far I could get on an autopilot journey in a shuttle. Was kind of funny really, made it further than I thought I would and then these guys tried to extort me and I was like ahahahaha nope I have no money shoot me.

    Actually talked to them for a bit once they realized I really wasn’t an alt of some other main and had no intention of doing anything. Conversation basically boiled down to what they they did and why they did it (boredom). After the chat they killed me and sent me back to carebear space

    Fun time all around really.


  4. bhagpuss

    I gave this a nanosecond’s thought but as you point out it seems entirely pointless when there’s already a free trial that lasts five times as long and is available at your convenience.

    Given EVE’s infamously harsh learning curve and offputting newbie experience, is a three-day promo on a platform not primarily aimed at experienced MMO players really a sound promotional move?

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  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – The current new player experience isn’t off putting like it used to be, where it demanded your attention for two hours before it would allow you to sully New Eden with your presence. It is now so low key as to not feel like much at all. It tries to do a WoW-like job of showing you basic mechanics, but unlike WoW, which then puts you on a quest chain that will forever guide your in-game life, EVE kind of shrugs at you, tells you that you’ll figure it out, and leaves you hanging about wondering what is next.

    There should literally be a big sign in space at some point that says, “WARNING: In New Eden figuring out the game is actually the game!” I think people would be more comfortable with that rather than expecting to go on some sort of scripted space adventure.


  6. Chaosrook

    the intro agent missions are not bad except for the exploration probe scenario…where you fist have to truly get used to probe launching, scanning and rescanning and oh moving the circles to get a better scan….oh I was so mad with the thing and then where I zoomed off to the gas site it wouldn’t let me go further wanting an item that would never spawn…oh wait you look closer at the text and they gave you a disk back at station to gain access. that took me latterly a evening to do 5 exploration missions and then there is that sisters of eve project with the cells I still havnt figured out how to play with….the only thing I know how to do well is create character portraits :) …still three days is meh, and you do not want to do it through steam…im stuck and I don’t think steam likes multiboxing either it gave me trouble with my trail account and my sub account when I got it.


  7. Fenjay

    It’s trial accounts that can’t be multiboxed. They have to both be paid (or plexed) accounts.

    Once they are, you can multibox to your heart’s content (until your computer’s memory runs out anyway)..


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