And We’re Back in Null Sec… For The Moment

Is this a real war?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a fleet op
No escape from enotsising
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I’m just a poor boy, I need no sovereignty
Because it’s easy come, easy go
index high, index low
Any place the FC goes, doesn’t really matter to me
to me

-Opening lyrics, Fozzie Sov Rhapsody

So this just happened, two jumps from Pandemic Legion’s main staging system, 93PI-4, in the cross over between EU and US prime time, which is basically the peak of activity on any give day in New Eden.

Goons own sov again

Goons own sov again

Somehow we took a system back.  Maybe PL was all off playing Overwatch today?

EC-P8R is actually kind of an important system, being a gate between null sec and low high sec.  I know our foes made a big deal out of capturing it from us the first time.  But it has changed hands a couple of times now.  Being such a gateway probably makes it harder to hold.

Who will own it tomorrow

Popular place

Of course, we’ll probably lose it tomorrow, or the next day, or this weekend, and will probably retake it again at some date after that.

I don’t want to diminish the achievements of the coalition that formed to chase us out of null sec, but this is a reminder that Fozzie Sov, and its changing from favoring defense to favoring offense, was one of their allies.

Also, we clearly haven’t given up yet.  The war goes on.

5 thoughts on “And We’re Back in Null Sec… For The Moment

  1. Chaosrook

    How long do you figure it will take before having no Sov or having to lose and retake it…will begin to have compounding economic effects on the federation? Don’t Corps that have the Sov then have the ability to mine the moons which is what makes the corp its most money? I ask but am unsure as I’m still a relative eve noob and do not yet know how these things work.


  2. Halycon

    @Chaosrook technically, no. Anyone can put up a POS anywhere. Sov as a mechanic is completely divorced from it. Sov used to be a measure of safety for such activities though, no one really put up anything but temporary staging POSes in systems they didn’t hold because the people who did would just come kill it. The new sov system changed that. Unless the POS is in an area which isn’t in the middle of a war… not the entire north… it’ll probably lose money. Sov war now is a great big roaming battle where the “front” could be defined as the entire region, instead of key bottleneck systems. It makes running a POS problematic. I’ve no doubt people have put the thing up, but it’s only a matter of time till someone decides they want to burn them all down. And there’s not much anyone can do to keep it from happening.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Viva Imperium – I totally forgot that and I clearly didn’t bother to look it up. Thanks, I’ll fix that.

    @Chaosrook – Money moons are a thing, but as noted, they are independent of sov. Right now there is a whole shadow war going on with us and our foes shooting up each others moon mining operations in low and null sec.

    Probably the bigger economic impact of not having any sov is the loss of income for the individual line members. Running anomalies gets you about 25 million ISK each in bounties alone and is a staple for many null sec players. We are fresh out of places to do this. There are other options. A group is out running incursions and there are always level 4 missions, but neither are as efficient as anoms. Of course, one of the things we’re doing is setting up a group to making doing anoms risky for our foes so that their own line members cannot make ISK either.

    We shall see how long we can last like this. We are flying cheaper doctrines and have decent reimbursement for losses on fleets. But people get itchy when the ISK runs low and everybody has to mind their own business first.


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