June 10th will be a Landmark Date

There is a long held belief that if you want to announce something, but want the story to get mostly buried or ignored, you do so after the markets have closed on a Friday before a holiday weekend.

And so we have the news from Daybreak, posted to their forums (a further attempt to bury the story?) at 15:48 Pacific time yesterday, that their long in early access title Landmark will go live on June 10, 2016.


I don’t know why they decided to announce this during a time frame that is often a black hole for news.  Was this intentional or just another of those oh-so-familiar SOE/Daybreak gaffes we have come to know over the years?

Furthermore, I am uncertain as to why they want it to finally be available on a Friday.  Companies in the US generally ship things like this on a Tuesday so their team doesn’t have to work all weekend to handle the inevitable rash of issues which pop up during any transition to a live product.

And, of course, it is going live coincident with the Warcraft movie, though given the reviews that has been getting, I am not sure that will draw of much of the little attention Landmark can expect.  I suppose we can at least credit Daybreak with their previous statement that Landmark would launch this spring.  The conspiracy of calendar makers here in the US has declared that summer starts on June 20th this year, that being the date of the summer solstice and all.

The announcement itself doesn’t have much new to add outside of dates.  We knew about the change from a Free to Play cash shop model to a Buy to Play cash shop model and even the $9.99 price.  Here is the bulk of the statement from Daybreak, quoted for posterity.

We’ve been building to this moment for quite some time and we’re happy to announce it’s almost here! Landmark will officially launch on Friday, June 10th.

If you have been participating in the Alpha and Closed Beta of Landmark as a Trailblazer, an Explorer, or a Settler Founder’s Pack holder, you will have automatic access to Landmark at launch. For those who played on a shareable beta key, or those who have not ventured into the game yet, it will be available for USD $9.99 on launch day.

For the committed Trailblazers* among you, don’t forget you have an additional 48-hour head start to scope out and stake your claim on your favorite build sites. The Trailblazer Head Start is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th at 10AM Pacific.

The last day to purchase any of the Landmark Founder’s Packs is Monday, June 6th at 10AM PDT. Don’t miss YOUR chance to pick up any of these packs or the special perks that are parts of any of those packages.

Also for our Trailblazers who spent this development process making your mark in game, now make your mark by adding your name to the Landmark credits! In order for your name to be displayed in our list, you must opt-in. To add your name to the Landmark credits, please click here. Don’t miss out! You have until 11:59PM Pacific on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

I’ve already hashed out a bit of what I feel is problematic about the game previously, (claims, entropy, horrible neighbors, and the removal of PvP for a start), though I haven’t otherwise dug into the huge list of changes they made a while back.  And I probably won’t bother any time soon.  The game has never really interested me, except through its connection to another Daybreak title.

Landmark is all that is left of EverQuest Next, the tool that was supposed to help players create the game.  I will be interested to see how people will react to the game after launch and how much traction it gets after having spent so much time available as an early access title.

Here is where I would generally link to all the other people who have written about a given event so you can get more than my rather limited point of view.  We shall see how many such posts bubble up.  As of my writing this, there is exactly one.


10 thoughts on “June 10th will be a Landmark Date

  1. anon

    Q: Was this intentional or just another of those oh-so-familiar SOE/Daybreak gaffes we have come to know over the years?
    A: yes, naturally.


  2. Kissemus

    Didn’t landmark cost a lot of money? Wasn’t eq next the main reason people were buying it?


  3. bhagpuss

    It is curious. My feeling is that there is no corporate interest in Landmark at all and all they want to do is get the project out of the way, mark it “Done” and re-assign the resources elsewhere. Obviously by “corporate” I mean Columbus Nova not the day-to-day DBG management.

    On the other hand, it is just a post on the forums. It could just as easily be that old “developers and marketing not talking to each other thing”. Marketing may come in next week and throw a fit when they see what happened.

    We’ll know when we see how much more promotion and PR DBG put behind the launch, I guess. if they make an effort then the “leaked” release date was probably an error of communication and/or judgment. If that’s pretty much all we get then I think we can assume no-one at CN much cares about Landmark, period.


  4. Thomas

    I have no idea where people suddenly got the idea that the seasons start on the solstices. Solstices are _midpoints_. June 21st is the longest day in the year, December 21st is the shortest day in the year. You don’t start winter when the days are at their shortest, winter begins when the days are getting shorter.

    Common replacement names for the solstices are “midwinter” and “midsummer”. The winter solstice festival is a celebration of the coming summer and the beginning of the death of winter. It’s the celebration of the rebirth of the sun.

    And yet, despite all that history, and the fact that no-one is walking around 10th of June saying “I wonder why the summer hasn’t started yet”, even Google is getting it wrong now and celebrating the spring equinox as the first day of spring.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anon – If you answer an “either/or” question with “yes” I am not sure what you mean, unless you mean both.

    @Kissemus – Yes, there were starter packs that were pretty pricey, and some people bought them due to the EQN connection, though that connection was broken pretty quickly by SOE. People who bought those starter packs get a head start on launch and those who bought the Trailblazer pack for $99 can have their name put in a special section of the credits.

    @Bhagpuss – We’ll see if there is a real marketing push at some point, though with less than two weeks before launch now, that seems like a fairly tight window.

    @Thomas – Unfortunately, you are wrong. If you live in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere the idea that the summer solstice is the middle of summer is simply bizarre. If that were the case there would still be snow on the ground some places on the first day of summer. Due to seasonal lag, the hottest days of the year are after the summer solstice, which is when summer is. So up here, summer and winter start on the solstices and spring and autumn on the equinoxes.

    Seriously, if you’re here and telling me “even Google is getting it wrong” it is time to stop and think about what you are saying. You are practically to “everybody is wrong but me” at that point. Please Google up “seasonal lag” or “why does summer start on the solstice” or the like.

    Unless this was satire of Dàchéng, in which case, well played.


  6. Jenks

    “Companies in the US generally ship things like this on a Tuesday so their team doesn’t have to work all weekend to handle the inevitable rash of issues which pop up during any transition to a live product.”

    That’s an interesting benefit but games have been released on Tuesdays long before there was a need for a customer service department handling all sorts of issues for a live game. They were released on Tuesdays along side VHS tapes (and then DVDs, and now Blurays) which also don’t need a customer support team working weekends. Just to make sure this wasn’t all in my head I checked the first Sega Genesis game that popped into my head (Vectorman) and it was released on a 10/24/95, a Tuesday.

    /end explanation of something not important to the post at all


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – There are a variety of reasons that Tuesday has been release day historically, which we’ve covered in comments previously. Tuesday is rarely a holiday. It is a slow time of the week so any rush doesn’t impinge on weekend sales activity. Ad supplements in the newspaper were generally in the Wednesday morning or Tuesday evening papers. And, even back in the age of the Sega Genesis, it was also a day when tech support was open.

    But speaking as somebody who has to push software to production that customers will complain about instantly if there is any problem, the reason I stated is a very big one if a company gives a damn about their employees.

    Now, maybe Daybreak thinks that all this time in Early Access means there won’t be any problems. To that, I can only respond, “Are you at all familiar with the history of your company?”


  8. Jenks

    It’s a relic of retail (namely sales tracking and distribution) but that is definitely an excellent benefit. After 30 years music just moved off Tuesdays to Fridays, but I could definitely see video games in general sticking with Tuesdays just for that reason.


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