Foothold in Pure Blind, Path to the Future

Summer has arrived! Following the closing of World War Bee, the north continues to be quite active…

Updates Blog, June 20-26 Summary Post Opening

I am still not convinced that one side in a war, much less those calling things safely from the sidelines, can declare a war is done and pretend that ongoing fighting is something else entirely. (That said, I am happy to see the return of Updates Blog activity.)

Perhaps one might say that the operation, styled as “World War Bee” by one side, is over?  Some of us in the north have been fighting since before that name was even a thing, and we carry on fighting now that the operation has been unilaterally declared done.  Certainly plenty of individuals have said they are done with the war, but some of the same old names have carried on since January.

The again, we haven’t been doing ourselves any favors when it comes to reminding people that the war is still ongoing and that we form up every night.  The Mittani dot Com, or however you’re supposed to write that out (I usually just refer to them as TMC), has barely made a passing reference to the war in the last few weeks, with the last actual post about the war being Matterall’s article way back on the third of June.  Some organ of the state we have there.

TMC seems far more focused on its streaming channel.  Even there, the Meta Show this past weekend was more focused on TMC’s ArcheAge promotion than anything in New Eden.

Of course the flip side of that is, if some of our foes wish to declare the war over and move off to other places, that certainly seems to be to our benefit.  Maybe letting the war be “over,” for whatever definition of over one might care to choose, is a better plan.

And on the “over” front, Pandemic Legion has been reported to be pulling out of Saranen in what one wag over the weekend referred to as the “PLExit.”

The most common response to this pull out that I have seen is that PL always holes up some place to prepare for the Alliance Tournament.  Of course the dates for that were just announced, putting the whole thing out in November.  Does PL really go dormant for a third of the year over an event that requires maybe 50 people tops out of an alliance of more than 2,000 characters?

Anyway, war or not, tournament or not, the pressure on Saranen has relaxed noticeably, leading to GSF taking a system in Pure Blind over the weekend.

93PI-4 is on the other side of Saranen’s gate to null sec, and was once PL’s base of operations.  Now it is in Imperium hands, the station, ihub, and TCU having been taken and held.

Close to Saranen

Close to Saranen

A small start.  We shall see if it develops further.  NCDot is still in the neighborhood and we continue to fight them on a nightly basis.

Meanwhile, in another corner of Pure Blind, Imperium alliance LAWN, whose numbers were cut in half recently when the corporation The Graduates moved over to The Initiative, taking 368 characters with them, still managed to find the wherewithal to take not just one system, but a whole constellation in the region.

LAWN's 300 hold this

LAWN’s 300 hold this currently

Dare we draw hope from these minor gains?

I doubt we will have the forces to reconquer even half of the space we lost over the last few months, and all the more so if we plan to do it the hard way.  I have said in the past that I am not a fan of The Mittani’s book of grudges, where he has declared we will seek revenge on every last group who fought against us.  That isn’t practical, and even the new occupants of our space, who complain loudly and at length when called the CFC 2.0, are still blue-ish to each other.  They are okay fighting each other, but territory is inviolate, indicating that the age of coalitions and agreements is far from gone.  Different, but not so different.

There will have to be some coming to terms with the new state of affairs in the north, and we will have to have the flexibility to make new agreements if we can.  We are going to want some territory back, one way or another.  The only group that is completely beyond the pale is Circle of Two.  I would personally endorse any agreement or alliance that allowed us to send them packing after their betrayal.  I would ally with TEST or anybody else and forswear any claim on Deklein to take Tribute.  But that might just be me.

And any of that is all out in the future.  Nobody is going to deal with us because we captured a system or a constellation.  So we form up every night to press forward.  The war still goes on for us.

11 thoughts on “Foothold in Pure Blind, Path to the Future

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I didn’t have much time to play over the weekend, but I saw that Grinder doctrine battleships undocked now that PL isn’t there to drop titans on them. I leave Jabber up just to keep up with what is going on.


  2. SynCaine

    NC. still dropped a dozen titans on us. We ended up negative in ISK, but we traded T1 BS for T3 Cruisers, so even that was ‘good’ when you factor in the Supers forcing us off the field.

    That said, I suspect either NC. won’t be dropping Supers for long, or they are setting themselves up for a BR repeat.


  3. Gevlon

    The sooner you stop that “traitor CO2” line, the sooner you can get back on your feet.
    CO2 didn’t betray the Imperium. They were mostly abandoned by it and did what they had to to survive. In M-O, in the pinnacle of the battle Goons shown up with 450-550 members (depending on battle report). In 6VDT TEST had 4x more despite similar alliance size and much worse shape.

    You didn’t lose WWB because you were “betrayed” or “outgunned”, you lost because you (The Imperium, not Wilhelm) got full on ratters who didn’t fight and had no loyalty to their allies. You have to learn from it and change or you’ll be defeated again and again.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Nowhere have I said that we lost the war because of CO2. I’m saying they behaved like shits and I would form up with almost any of our current foes to go take their space. Different motivation altogether.

    You have no close up insight into CO2, so your abstract, big picture view doesn’t take into account things that I do. Having lived next door to them even somebody like me, who spent most of my time not in TNT’s home space, got to hear about them bitching about us even passing through their space, above and beyond even SMA’s notorious protectiveness of their space. Then having seen the diplomatic logs later just confirmed that their leadership were being shits to us while crying to the Goons about us behind our backs. There are not a lot of groups in New Eden I wouldn’t team up with if the situation was right, but CO2 (with the current leadership) is on the list of those I wouldn’t ever want to set blue again.

    Meanwhile, comparing M-OEE8, which was a battle over an ihub… an important ihub, but not a war ending sort of fight… with 6VDT-H, which was TEST’s last YOLO run that ended the war is disingenuous at best, not to mention that the latter was on a weekend while I had to rush home from work to get into a reinforcement fleet for the former, only to have CO2 change sides while we were still fighting for them. (And I dug up that battle report for 6VDT and TEST had just over a thousand ships involved, so your 4x claim is off by 100% as well.)


  5. Anonymouse

    I think that PL might have sacrificed the PB system, in order to draw the Imperium out and try to get them to defend it with more than T1 fleets – ie. nothing but a big trap. PL has never been all that interested in keeping null sov; they are more interested in fights.

    IDK if this is the right time yet for the Imperium to try to move back into null. At some point, I think the Imperium will need to fully commit the cap and supercap fleets, currently in logoff space, to hold null sov. A premature or hesistant commitment could just get these fleets wiped out, leaving the Imperium completely SOL with regards to regaining null sov.

    It might be better to at least wait until the AT is underway and folks are distracted.


  6. Swiftrain

    I do hope the war does not end soon, your posts on it on here are some of your most entertaining to read.

    Eve alliances always put me in mind of mongol hordes, dangerous in motion but prone on settling down to start squabbling.


  7. SynCaine

    Rage-quits from posting about EVE (for the 6th or so time), still comes to rage (incorrectly as always) about EVE in other blogs. The social is so very strong in the tinfoiled hat goblin, I love it.


  8. Gevlon

    @Wilhelm: my point is that they didn’t behave like shits. They behaved like you would if you were in their shoes. They were fighting without proper support with those who didn’t even hate them but hated Goons and only fought them because they were in the way. So they stepped out of the way.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – See, you’re still fixated on CO2 leaving. We would have lost all our sovereignty with or without them. Them just leaving isn’t a factor in my annoyance at them.

    They had been shits for a long, long time BEFORE this war. Note this before you think about responding, they were shits back when we were winning in Fountain. That adds in as a factor. Them having decided to leave but letting the fight at M-O88E happen all the same and then changing sides while we were still fighting is a factor. Them having gone and copied out all our CSAA locations just before they left and handing it over to their new friends is a factor. That last was a bit more that merely stepping out of the way, as was their joining the fight against us.

    You can act in self interest and still do it in a way that pisses other people off. Self interest is not a get out of jail free card. They got what they wanted out of the war, their territory, my alliance’s territory as well, and Lenny’s money to boot. But as noted, I will now endorse any enterprise to deprive them of any of their stuff based upon a long history of behavior that merely culminated at M-OEE8.

    I would say they are to me what Goons are to some people in EVE, except I’ve been to Reddit and I see how insanely, rabidly anti-Goon people can be, and that far overstates my situation. I will merely enjoy shooting them at every opportunity.


  10. Voreem

    AT requires a small part of PL line members, but a large part of the strategists, intelligence network and leadership.

    There also hasn’t been much reason to stay.


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