There are Pokemon in the Chicken

From a friend of mine in the suburbs of Chicago, the Pokemon GO thing is still going into the weekend.  I’ve seen informal offers around town here in Silicon Valley, but this came as an email offer from Kick’s Chicken Cafe.

Kick's Chicken in Naiperville

Kick’s is throwing down lures

But will the chicken be as tasty if hackers bring down the servers?

3 thoughts on “There are Pokemon in the Chicken

  1. Lei Merdeau

    When the servers went down yesterday, I (Aussie) was busy transferring the days excess pokemon. Game design, not hackers may have created the DDOS.


  2. SynCaine

    I will say, the one unique thing here is that companies are basically encouraged to go into the cash shop and spend, which opens up a whole new budget range. For instance a $1,000 item for one person is a whale expense, but $1,000 for a company? That doesn’t even require approval from upper management in a lot of places.

    I’m not sure that’s a good thing overall, as under different conditions, do you really want to get into a wallet war in a game with a company? That said, seeing multiple companies wallet warrior each other would be… well like buying ad time during the super bowl or something similar. Crazy world.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    We were in our local downtown area on Saturday evening, which was crowded as usual as there are lots of places to eat. But there were obviously people out playing Pokemon GO as well, and several places that had Pokestops nearby were running lures on them almost continuously, which were attracting people. Somebody on Reddit calculated that keeping a lure running at your business, should it have a Pokestop, required an investment of just $1.19/hr.


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