Defeat in the North and New Destinations

The war, for whatever name you chose… Casino War, World War Bee, The War of Sovless Aggression… will effectively be over by the end of the week.

The Mittani announced on the weekly fireside chat yesterday that The Imperium would be packing up and leaving Saranen. (Recording here, since it is already up on Reddit. The meat of the announcements are in the first 10 mins.)

I have previously had people tell me that the war was over already because The Imperium lost all of its sovereignty, or because they personally were done, or, most bizarrely, because Reddit wasn’t talking about it enough, as though Reddit defines reality.  But I have always maintained that wars aren’t over until the losing side admits defeat and goes away.

Well, here is that admission.  We lose.  End of war.  Fabian strategy failed.  The reconquista has been postponed indefinitely.  The MBC/CFC 2.0, rules the north.

So the fight, which has been going on for over six months for some of us, is over.  I know that there are ops going on this week, running into Pure Blind, but my heart isn’t in it now.  Of course, part of that is because we were told to pack all of our stuff and be ready to move this coming weekend.

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself

Good bye to the Quafe Factory Warehouse, Saranen V, moon 9

I was just enough ahead of the curve that I got nearly everything out of Deklein and Tribute before the MBC began to actively contest those regions.  There is still a Harpy in one station, a blockade runner in another packed with a final bit of stuff, and an Oneiros I put up on contract in UMI-KK.  But that is about it.

I sent a lot of it to Jita to be liquidated so as to have ISK for a protracted war, but a good chunk of useful stuff ended up in Saranen.  And my stockpile in Saranen grew as we swapped doctrines and I had to buy new ships time and again.

Now that all has to go… somewhere.

Even before the fireside chat was over I had repackaged a bunch of ships and modules and contracted them to be shipped to Jita.  That was the first pass, the easy picks, the ships no longer in doctrine and related items, 100,000 m3 of stuff.  It has already arrived safely.

But I am still left with a lot of stuff in Saranen, more stuff than I can easily move, including a carrier.  Since I am not part of CapSwarm, I am not sure how I will get that safely to wherever we might be headed.

Of course, that is the big question of the day, where are we headed?

If you look at the current null sec influence map, you will notice that there isn’t a big empty spot in sovereign null sec for us to simply move into.  So we will have to take some space.  But where?

Even leaving aside our old space, space occupied by groups with which we have agreements (various Russians), and space that is just shit (sorry Period Basis), there are a variety of possible destination regions on the map.

Where will The Imperium go?

Where will The Imperium go?

Delve is the classic Goon location and has NPC null stations to stage out of.  Querious has good access to empire space.  Fountain is old, familiar territory, though a bit close to the MBC.  Etherium Reach keeps some proximity to the big trade hub in Jita.  And the others… well… they are far away from the MBC.  Who is likely to follow us to Omist?

Everybody has a guess as to where we will be going, but the official announcement won’t come until the end of the week.

Wherever we are headed, we have been told we will be there for a long time, a year or more perhaps.  And that brings up the question of how this will change The Imperium.  Some people are tired of the war and want a place to settle into and in which they can rebuild.  Others are invested in Deklein and the north, either identifying with it strongly or having left a lot of their stuff behind.  This long march into exile may winnow down our numbers further.

As we head towards the new normal, whatever that may be, the winding down of the war and the summer downturn in PCU numbers has led to the usual “EVE is dying!” reaction, which is the topic of this month’s blog banter.

I won’t be joining in on that, I have too much to do in game.

10 thoughts on “Defeat in the North and New Destinations

  1. SynCaine

    I didn’t take the announcement as defeat, especially as we have recently been on the winning side of major engagements, but as you put it, wars in EVE typically are decided when one side stops fighting, and this (for now) seems to be a decision to move away from MBC rather than continue to clash with them.

    EVE is odd like that, as victory/defeat are very much dependent on the viewer, and you only truly ‘lose’ when you unsub.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – We lost all our sov, and whatever assets were left behind are now trapped. Two alliances had to bow out, one cut ties, and one betrayed us. Meanwhile, the actual number of players in the remaining alliances has dropped significantly over the course of the war. And, finally, we’ve given up trying to take our space back. It is hard to find anything but defeat in that. Better just to own that and move on.

    On the plus side, we did retain capital fleet assets, and there is a supercap “fleet in being” to worry any foes still. Overall we gave about as good as we got in battles when it comes to ISK, though five titan kills and the ongoing mauling of PH helped a lot on that front. We probably shed a lot of dead weight, as happens whenever the going gets tough. And we denied our foes that climactic battle they sought. There was no 6VDT-H or B-R5RB, just a lot of skirmishes along the way. We live to fight another day and we can go a lot of places in New Eden and stomp on the locals, because the MBC proved that to beat us, they had to become a bigger version of us. So long as they have pacts in place to respect and defend each others sovereignty they are the CFC 2.0 and everything else is just window dressing.


  3. bhagpuss

    When EVE makes the mainstream news it’s often on the back of spectacular financial “losses” that turn out to be notional conversions of the value of Isk. In this case, when the CFC has lost a war, The Imperium has lost an Empire and The Mittani has lost face and might conceivably lose power, are there actual real-world financial implications unrelated to isk/dollar values?

    It wasn’t all that long before World War Bee that was building up a media empire on the back of its eponymous leader’s domination of virtual space. Does the fall of The Imperium cause collateral damage to I’d have thought there might be a story for the mainstream press in there somewhere but I bet we don’t get to see it.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – That is sort of a win for us, no great defeat in a titanic space battle or anything. No bang, just a whimper. We skulked off, bowed but unbroken, to fight another day. I am sure the Dunkirk metaphor will spring up again.

    I think TMC has been falling by the wayside for longer than the war. They barely cover EVE Online anymore, but that slide started before the war was in full swing. TMC now seems to be more of a streaming and special offers enterprise that incidentally happens to have a disused video games news sites attached.

    But then EN24 hasn’t been much better. It does actually cover the game still, but it mostly reprints CCP press releases and occasional anti-Imperium screeds. That is it for dedicated EVE news sites. As close observers may have noticed, that battle two weeks back was the most titans killed in a single fight since B-R5RB, yet literally nobody besides myself covered it, outside of some posts on Reddit.


  5. zaphod6502

    The real loser in all this is CCP. Less activity equals less subs equals less profit. By not policing the dubious gambling entities in the game they may have inadvertently sown the seeds of the slow death of EvE.


  6. Anonymouse

    Hmm… seems like you guys were doing pretty darn well recently. Exceptionally good fights and having a lot of fun. I sure enjoyed just reading about it all; darn good writing, too.

    Not exactly sure why you would want to give that up, just to travel down with the non-combantants and failed leadership to find a more safe and boring place to hole up. I’m fairly convinced by now that they no longer deserve much loyalty. For crying out loud, TMC wasn’t even writing up your recent titan kills. Seems to me that The Imperium, aka CFC, has had its day, and it is time to form a new coalition with the folks who want to stay up north and continue to wreak PVP on the MBC members.

    But, that’s just my opinion. I’m quite biased because I want to keep reading about fun battles. :)


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anonymouse – Well, we might be short on titan kills after the move, but I am pretty sure where ever we go, comedy will ensue. And there is even a rumor that when we move, Reavers will have a special assignment.


  8. Bozo

    @Wilhelm Arcturus “the most titans killed in a single fight since B-R5RB” this is sort of silly, equating 4 titans – admitedly no mean feat – with B-R. I don’t remember the phrase “the most titans killed since B-R” being used when reporting on the previous entry in that contest:

    Congratulations on finally getting on good fights and being successful, but that sort of sore winner / sore loser attitude doesn’t really help the game. Still, good luck rebuilding your alliance.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bozo – In the past… up until very recently… even a single titan kill was worth a news story on both EN24 and TMC. Go look at the sites, scroll back in time, you see the stories. Killing a titan was a big deal.

    Now four go down and not a mention. You literally linked a story that proves my point. If three was worth a new post, why not four?

    Anyway, that was a commentary on the state of the news sites alleged to be focused on the game, both pro and anti Imperium. If you want to brand that as being a “sore loser” I don’t know what to say, as I am not even sure how that applies. I’m a sore loser because I think TMC should have covered it? It sounds more like you came here looking to throw shade. Grr Goons.


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