Last Minute Garrison Gold Grubbing

The WoW 7.0 pre-Legion patch goes live tomorrow.


The WoW 7.0 patch notes have the following two items about your Draenor garrisons:

  • Many sources of gold from the Garrison has been reduced or removed.
  • Newly obtained salvage from the Salvage Yard no longer contains equippable items. Salvage obtained from before the patch remains unaffected.

Both were expected, but you might not be aware of just how much your gold revenue will be taking a hit.  I knew that follower missions that paid off in gold were done for, but I did not know that follower equipment, which is worth a decent amount of gold today, will be worth just 1 copper after the patch tomorrow.

I’ll be cashing all those in when I get home.

Blizzard Watch has a guide up to help you extract as much last minute gold out of your garrison as possible.  Get it tonight, because tomorrow will be to late.


5 thoughts on “Last Minute Garrison Gold Grubbing

  1. Alex

    Wait – I’m confused on the salvage crates. It says to open them and store them until tomorrow, but that they’ll be worth only 1 copper at that point.

    Does that mean open and sell the *follower* items tonight, but keep the regular player-wearable items for possible transmog?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alex – Open them tonight to get follower upgrade items, sell those items for gold (because they will be worth 1c after the patch) and hold onto whatever player gear you like for the new wardrobe system coming with the patch.


  3. Carson

    Hadn’t heard about the follower equipment having its vendor value killed, that tip just saved me from flushing about 2500g down the drain. Thanks!!


  4. Alex

    Just squeezed every last nickel out of my garrisons – built five trading posts, sold all my garry resources and opened upwards of 300 salvage crates. Made a profit of 16,704 gold, not counting the truckload of cash I will get from selling the gear that came out of all those crates after they get cataloged and inventoried tomorrow.

    My accountant thanks you for the tip.


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