Another Night in Rakapas

Rakapas… Shit, I’m still only in Rakapas. Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the Delve. I’m here a four days now… waiting for a move op… getting softer. Every minute I stay in this station, I get weaker, and every minute hostiles camp the route, they gets stronger. Each time I look around the hangar walls move in a little tighter.

-Delve-pocalypse Now 2016 Move Log, Day 4 Entry

I had hopes last night of getting closer to Sakht, our destination.  However, the capital move ops that came up were all departing from destinations two or three jumps down the line.  My Archon stayed in place for another night.

The station does seem a bit more cramped...

The station does seem a bit more cramped…

It did seem for a bit that I might get another ship down to Delve.  There was a call for a subcap move op.  I figured I could clone jump back to Saranen, join that, and at least get a doctrine combat ship down to our staging.

However, that move op was also only for ships that had made it to the incursion that was blocking our way yesterday.

So, the tally at the end of day 4 was four ships down in our staging, two frigates and two stealth bombers that somebody else put in their carrier because they had extra space… so some people are making it down to Delve.  Everything else I want to move is still in Lonetrek or Black Rise… about where we started.

I am not doing well at the move op thing.  Apparently I should at least be in Aulbres by now.  Every time I log into Rakapas though, there are a bunch of blues sitting in the station with me, so I suppose I am not alone.

It isn’t that I cannot attempt the move on my own.  I am trying to follow the standing orders which say, in large, purple, Comic Sans letters, “DO NOT MOVE YOURSELVES” right there at the top of the forum post announcing them.  But I am starting to think I had better move my carrier a jump or three ahead if I want to make any ops in the near future.

That means getting my alt out onto the heavily camped route south to light a cyno for a jump, something that will likely require repeated attempts, as cyno ships are easy to pop and I expect I will lose at least one on every jump.  I just hope one doesn’t get popped mid-jump, as then my carrier will end up at the sun, an easy target.

As for the subcaps still up in Saranen, I will have to wait for a move op or just strip them and ship them to Jita.  I doubt I am going to get a T2 logistics cruiser all the way down to Delve alone without getting popped.

Another day has dawned, we shall see what it brings.

5 thoughts on “Another Night in Rakapas

  1. Talvorian Dex

    I universally disagree with the advice not to move yourself, provided your jump route goes from station to station.

    The only time I’ve ever had trouble moving is when I accidentally lit a cyno instead of cloaked, but that’s not really related to the act of jumping, rather module layout discipline. If you’re lighting cynos off stations, move yourself. Position your cynos properly and it’s 99.99% safe (only possible mistake is to not notice a MJD dessie sitting by your cyno…


  2. SynCaine

    Other than ‘because’, why bother moving sub-caps from Saranen when its so much easier to contract everything at 90% Jita, take that ISK, and just buy what you need down in Delve off contracts? Overall you will likely pay 20-30% over Jita prices all told, but for sub-caps (even T3s), whats a few hundred million ISK?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Can’t really do that with a carrier, can I? And since I am bringing a carrier down, I might as well fill it up with subcaps. The couple of current doctrine subcaps in Saranen will make it down as part of a general move op at some point. If not, I can still repackage them and ship them to Jita.

    Plus, there are no guarantees as to what the price will be down in Delve. You’ve seen the shipping rates for the Jita/Sakht run? 550 ISK per m3 more than we were paying for Saranen or Deklein back in the day. Expect contracts for doctrine ships in Delve to add that cost in as well.


  4. SynCaine

    My only experience so far with Goon logistics has been Saranen, but I figure with the size of the Goon logistics wing, that contract prices in Delve wouldn’t be too bad as shipping would be done in massive bulk, but you have far more experience with that stuff than me, so yea, if the contract price for a doctrine ship in Delve is like 40% above Jita, that’s going to be rough (especially if SRP doesn’t factor that in).


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – My experience has been with deployments down south, which have been temporary affairs. During those, prices have varied wildly and SRP has not taken that into account.

    Actually living in Delve full time as a coalition might change that. I doubt that things will be as cheap as Deklein or Saranen due to the distance to Jita, but the market will eventually stabilize and SRP should get adjusted to reflect the reality.

    But for the first few weeks, as things are getting settled, expect our capitalistic ways to extract an early buyer toll until there is more competition between sellers.


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