Stormhold Dodges Third Strike, Votes to Unlock Kunark

The results are in! The community has voted and it looks like everyone is ready to assail Chardok and conquer Karnor’s Castle! The Rise of Kunark expansion will launch at noon PT on August 16th.

The final results for those of you interested were 66% of participants voted to unlock the next expansion.

RadarX, EQII Forums

As I noted earlier in the week, the Stormhold time locked expansion server was on the horns of a dilemma, stay put for a long stretch or move ahead to the next expansion.

That is Daybreak's graphic for the idea

That is Daybreak’s graphic for their retro server(s)

The vote to unlock the Rise of Kunark expansion was up for the third time.  If it failed to unlock yet again, the votes would be extended out to an every 90 day cycle, an idea that was causing much fuss on the forums.

However, it looks like the “yes” crowd got its act together.  As RadarX, the CCP Falcon of Daybreak, announced, 66% of the votes cast were to unlock, up from 46% last time around.

For me, Rise of Kunark represents the last expansion where I really know anything about the story or content.  It was, as with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, a nod to the original EverQuest in design/content/lore.

The next expansion up for a vote is The Shadow Odyssey which, like every expansion after that, I couldn’t really tell you squat about.  Even over at Wikipedia expansions after Rise of Kunark get the briefest of summaries on the page listing out EverQuest II expansions.

2 thoughts on “Stormhold Dodges Third Strike, Votes to Unlock Kunark

  1. bhagpuss

    My reaction when I read the news on EQ2Wire was “Yeah, right…”. 66% eh? How very convenient. Although, as a commenter points out, 66% is actually a fail on the super-majority if it required two-thirds. That would need to round up to 67%.

    The Shadow Odyssey is mainly an all-dungeon expansion, a little like Lost Dungeons of Norrath although not as good. (LDoN is one of my favorite expansions for any MMO ever). Some of the dungeons scale, which was a big thing then although not any more, since the invention of the superior “Level Agnostic” system. TSO dungeons are pretty good ones though.

    TSO only has one open, overland zone but it’s an absolute cracker. Moors of Ykesha is one of the best zones in the game, with a shedload of strong content and some great scenery. I still go there fairly often for this and that.

    Sentinel’s Fate is a good, straightforward expansion that adds Odus to EQ2. I spent a lot of time there for months after release and enjoyed it a good deal. After that the two-part Velious expansion is good in gameplay and content but graphically a little lacklustre. I played that as it landed and again enjoyed it a lot.

    Following that come two set in The Ethernere that I didn’t buy on release. I played them both (or the solo parts at least) in the last year or so and thoroughly enjoyed them both. The graphics by this stage have taken a huge step up. Altar of Malice I played on release and liked a great deal. The open zones are archipelagos which is a huge attraction for me. The most recent and first under DBG, Terrors of Thalumbra, definitely shows the signs of a company beginning to pull in its horns – it’s smaller than we have come to expect – but the quality is excellent.

    Overall I don’t think there are any bad EQ2 expansions. I’d give every one at least a B+. Most are A standard.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Yeah, when I saw this in the EQ2 forums last night, my first thought was “Don’t you need 66.67% to unlock?” I suspect that they have forgone the whole 2/3 vote to unlock and settled down to a simple 50% + 1 majority, the way they have been doing on the EQ side of the house.

    My real problem with later expansions is that my highest level character is 65, so they don’t mean much to me.


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