Executive Outcomes Leaves The Imperium

It was announced in a broadcast earlier today that the alliance Executive Outcomes is leaving the Imperium.

Executive Outcomes - August 10, 2016

Executive Outcomes – August 10, 2016

EXE is the fifth alliance to leave the Imperium since the Casino War opened up at the start of the year.  EXE takes with it a little over 800 members.  The Imperium and EXE have reset each other through mutual agreement, so we may be shooting at each other as time goes by.

No longer blue to us...

No longer blue to us…

This change has been in the works for a while.  Even I got wind of it a couple weeks back and had the graphic above ready to go on July 25th in anticipation of the news breaking.  Certainly EXE hasn’t been showing up in fleets of present on battle reports of late.

As far as Imperium alliances go, EXE didn’t lose that many members over the course of the war, though they were a smaller alliance to begin with, sitting at over 1,000 members back in January.

The Imperium - August 10, 2016

The Imperium – August 10, 2016

Their departure leaves the Imperium with five alliances.  Goonswarm Federation makes up the bulk of the coalition with almost 15K pilots.  Then there is The Bastion, with just shy of 1,300 pilots, The Initiative with almost 2,200 pilots, the remains of Get off My Lawn, with just 207 pilots listed today and, finally, TNT, my own alliance, which weighs in with just over 1,000 pilots on its rolls.

The bulk of the Imperium is now down in Delve, save for The Initiative, which was ever a very independent group within the coalition and which is off on its own deployment.

Of the other alliances, I suppose one might question the future of LAWN, being as small as it is, and The Bastion, having been created in cooperation with GSF back in the day in order to accommodate members of CFC alliances that were folding up, but who wished to stay with the coalition.  That role could be filled by KarmaFleet now I suppose.  And then there is TNT, about which I can only say, we haven’t been WiDot’d yet!


EXE leaving Imperium was announced on the show “Talking In Stations” 2 weeks ago, when Sion was guest.

-Matterall on Reddit

So I guess I am about two weeks late on this news!

Second Addendum:  Mo’Chuisle, the leader of EXE, left a happy farewell message on the GSF forums yesterday, indicating that they had thought about parting ways for a while now, but didn’t want to do it in the middle of a war.  On Reddit though, he laid bare the true reason for EXE leaving:

Speaking as EXE leadership, I can confirm that the reason we left is solely due to the Imperium ruling caste’s continued tolerance of Xenuria’s existance as court jester and no other factors played a role in our decision

8 thoughts on “Executive Outcomes Leaves The Imperium

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Talvorian Dex – Maybe. The Initiative has always been loosely aligned, to the point that there have been times (before this year) when I thought they had left already. If their association with the Imperium becomes a burden, they will probably leave, but I don’t know that we are there yet.

    @Gevlon – I don’t think TNT will leave. If I have any criticism of the alliance over the last five years, it has been that it seems to aspire to be “GSF junior” every once in a while, with Wibla doing a “buttes and dongs” broadcast on Jabber or some other silliness. That generally passes quickly, and is a pretty minor complaint when it comes down to it. It is just a reminder that sometimes it seems like the strongest aspect of our identity is a snappy acronym.

    But our affinity for GSF has worked out for me as TNT is also always very supportive of coalition wide (which generally means GSF run) events and groups. I get no grief at all when I apply for SRP for whatever fit Asher wants Reavers to run.

    If TNT did leave, I would probably ask on Reaver coms if there was a place in GSF for me, if only because Reavers is my affiliation within the coalition more than anything. I am not a complete scrub, so I would hope somebody would take me. And being in GSF would make my life mildly more convenient, if only because I wouldn’t need a password for every POS we hide in!

    Overall though, it isn’t something I spend a lot of thought on. If it happens, it happens.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Also, if you’ve come here from Reddit to say something about the name of the war, your comment will be deleted unless it is exceptionally witty. (So far they have been notably uninspired. If you can’t even be bothered to read far enough to know which alliance I am in, you’re a dunce. So much butt hurt over my using the name, coined by a non-Imperium player, that I had been using since before WWB was even a thing.)

    We’ve had the name discussion elsewhere, you aren’t adding anything to it by coming here to troll.


  3. Stabs

    I think Goons would be mad not to take you. A reliable loyal pilot with a penchant for logi and big fleet battles as well as a solid member of Reavers.

    If things were to become difficult hit me up if you’re interested in Waffles.


  4. Stabs

    PS I can’t see much really threatening you in Delve until around Jan. AT pilots are now deep in preparation, AT is in October, AT people will all be burnt out in November, and December would be an odd time to launch a big offensive because of the holidays. Not everyone is crippled by the AT of course but when 20-30 of your most active pvpers and FCs are unavailable it’s enough.


  5. Stabs

    The Bastion has pretty good leadership in Carneros and his team who I can’t see burning out. There’s also a good relationship with Mittens so I don’t see a possibility of a falling out with Goons.

    The difficulty will be maintaining an active and interested line membership. That depends a lot on the space they get. I can see a scenario where Goons get Delve and Bastion get one constellation in Querious and become a de facto member of the Querious Fight Club working well. They need something that differentiates them from Goons and makes them an interesting destination for new or returning nullsec pilots and corps.

    One thing they really have is a lot more friendly atmosphere than Goons but I don’t thing they broadcast that effectively to the wider Eve community. But it’s because of this that there won’t be much enthusiasm for being WIdotted.

    Summary: they’ll keep going and remain in the Imperium but they would have to get a really interesting location to thrive again.


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