Pondering That Legion Level 100 Boost

We just entered the second week of pre-Legion events.  I have been running through them just to make sure I do not miss anything.  Last week’s, the opening of the invasion, was pretty fun.  This weeks seems to mostly involve listening to Khadgar talk.

Have shovel, will... listen to some old guy talk and talk...

Have shovel, will… listen to some old guy talk and talk…

Okay, it wasn’t all talking.  I had to travel to Dalaran’s new location… though it is still in its old location as well, though I am sure somebody will tell me the lore says that there are not two Dalarans… and there was something about retrieving and overdue library book.  It was hard to tell, as Khadgar is not voiced, so his monologue is all in the chat window in a yellow/tan colored font that blended right into the background colors, rendering it illegible to me.  I could only really follow when people were shouting… and people did shout… though I felt like I missed something in between shouts.  However you just have to follow Khadgar around, click on whatever sparkles, kill whoever is red, and you are about set.

I assume next week we will have a new chapter in the pre-Legion events.

My daughter was doing the invasions with a low level character once she discovered that they scaled to your level.  She was out there with a level 32 paladin fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with level 100s and everything worked perfectly, plus the exp was huge, allowing her to level up.  So Blizzard nerfed that.  The cynic in me says that you can’t have people catching up too fast when you want to sell level 100 boosts.

Which brings us to today’s pondering.  When the WoW Legion expansion finally arrives at our home, it will include a level 100 boost as part of the package.  As I wondered what to do with the Warlords of Draenor level 90 boost, now I wonder what the upcoming level 100 boost.

The choice ought to be easier this time around.  I already have five level 100s here at the eve of WoW Legion, compared to just three level 90s before Warlords of Draenor.  So I can drop the following from the list:

  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Druid
  • Deathknight
  • Rogue

Add in the fact that I will also get to roll up an effectively level 100 Demon Hunter and that will be six characters ready for Legion covering half of the available classes.

Which leaves the following to choose from for the boost:

  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

At this point, with half the classes at level cap currently, I have to start wondering which class would even add anything to my play experience.  I have rolled up all of the classes and, aside from the warlock, played them up to at least level 40.

My gut is to go with the warrior, another plate wearing melee class, which is more my style for solo play.  I haven’t really enjoyed the cloth wearing caster classes in WoW over the life of the game.  That would leave Monk or Shaman as alternatives, though the Shaman has always been a strange bird as well.

On top of all of that, we just had the WoW 7.0 class revamp patch a few weeks back that made some people unhappy.  I am certainly unhappy with my Hunter, and doubly so because I was looking forward to having three viable Hunter specs.  Instead I feel like Blizzard just wants people to stop playing Hunters.

I am also a bit cranky still with my Paladin.  I have gotten somewhat used to the retribution spec at this point, but it still feels awkward.

On the other hand my Druid(s), at least in feral spec, seems to play just fine.  I like being able to cast moonfire… along with a bonus healing touch now and again… when in cat form.  Works for me!

So I might have to throw out what I know about some classes and ask which of them actually got better after the 7.0 patch.  I have noticed  of late that in any group, the top damage output always seems to be some arcane missile throwing Mage.  But I have also heard people bitching about the Warlock changes.

And then there is the wildcard in the equation for me.

When it came to the Warlords of Draenor boost, I eventually went with a Deathknight, mostly because he was over level 60 and so also got me trained up on a pair of primary professions with the boost.  However, given the state of crafting in Draenor, that was less of a bonus than I thought it might be.  I did play him through to level 100 and I did get him a level 3 garrison, but I didn’t do much else with him.  He hasn’t built a shipyard or been to Taanan Jungle or anything.

In hindsight, however, I feel as though I made an error.  And not just an error in choosing a Deathknight, but an error in choosing which faction.  After my third or fourth time through Draenor as an Alliance character, I began to wonder if perhaps I ought to have gone with a Horde character so I could at least play through their version of the story line and maybe play with their (pointy) version of a garrison.

In fact, one reason I did not boost a Horde character is that the ones I have are all still in their 60s and one of the things on my long term “To Do” list is to play the Horde side of the story in… basically all the expansions.  And I haven’t done that yet.

So I am thinking that this time around I will boost a Horde character… and get back to the previous expansions at some later date.

Of course, that just throws the gates wide open on class choices.  If the difference is going to be storyline, it doesn’t matter so much if I do it with another Druid of Paladin I suppose.

And then there is the question as to what server I should roll up my new character.  Again, without a guild or any Horde pals, I am not exactly tied to Eldre’Thalas.

So I have a couple weeks to figure that out.  What are you doing with your level 100 boost?  And what would you do in my position?

13 thoughts on “Pondering That Legion Level 100 Boost

  1. FunkyBacon (@FunkyBacon)

    For me, it was a choice between Paladin and Shaman. Every other class I’d managed to get at least to 85 by the end of… heh, can’t remember the name of the deathwing expansion. Anyways, ended up going Paladin, and now Shaman is my only real black sheep for a class.


  2. MotherChaos

    I used it on a hunter, even though I already had a max-level hunter…but I created the character on a different server. My main server had gone from ‘decent’ to ‘ghost town’ population-wise, and I wanted to run some alts through on the Alliance side (I’d been strictly Horde before Warlords) because I’m a bit of a lore-hound.

    I really do enjoy leveling alts (<= Bonus Dork Points); but the ONE THING that I get verrrrrry impatient with are all those times you need or want something that costs, like, 10-20 gold…and have exactly 37s 15c to your name. <= bam, level 100 hunter spends an evening or two dungeon-diving and farmin' up the mats, and I'm able to fling gold around like there is NO TOMORROW by the weekend. *grin*


  3. carson63000

    I selected my boost purely for profession reasons. I boosted my low-70’s hunter, not because he was a hunter, but because he had skinning and alchemy and they were two professions I didn’t have at 700 already.


  4. carrandas

    I’m wondering if I should even use it. Used my level 90 boost to get a druid so I now have a max level character that can heal. Useful, as none of my other characters could.

    But it’s not the same as leveling a character the good old way, it feels like cheating. I still have a level 70 warlock and hunter which I hope to level one day. But using a token on them? Mmm, no.


  5. Muir

    A side benefit of having to wait on the pre-order is that after Legion actually launches, the level 100 boost allows you to try the character out at 100 before you commit to using the boost.


  6. Jenks

    I’m maining feral again because I just always do. Of the specs I’ve tried, I’d put them in this order from most to least fun:


    From what I’ve read, both DK specs are very fun, and all 3 rogue specs aren’t. My personal recommendation from your list, if you really are going to go horde, is Tauren warrior. Tauren are just over the top fortresses in a good plate transmog, nothing else in the game quite like them. For a server, I play on Zul’Jin which is a very high pop horde / very low pop alliance server, I do recommend it.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – Oddly enough, one of the test characters I rolled up before writing this was a Tauren warrior. That or a Tauren druid seemed like strong contenders. It was on the Azuremyst server however.


  8. Jenks

    Well if you do roll up a hordie I’d love to group up sometime. I emailed you my battletag, feel free to add me even if you’re not making the jump just yet. I won’t bring up VR if you don’t.


  9. Krumm

    For me it was also an easy choice for both boosts. The first one we got for the level 90 I wasted on a rogue so that I could get those heavy lockboxes off of humanoids to turn in for syndicate/ravenholt rep in the attempt to get closer to Insane in the Membrane for a Horde Mage….because what undead mage is not some what mad?

    My second boost, the 100 was also very easy as my son has been playing sense the movie came out and so I selected his server to put a brand new fresh 100 Hunter. Now I have played Paladins and Hunters through the entire gambit of expansions and this time has been a bit more of a learning curve with spec changes and such.

    For those Hunter – Lovers out there… Who else misses duel wield? I mean come on I have always played Survival and always loved when I could have two one handers, I am more RP’ish so I would always have a hand axe and a knife. I like where they are doing with the whole survival revamp and bringing melee back but give me the ability to pick my melee weapon choices. Not one of those abilities would be/should be two handed weapon specific.


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