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One Week Until Legion and Invasions Go into Overdrive

Next Wednesday many of us will be storming the shores of the Broken Isles to bring war to the Legion.  Invasions in Azeroth will be over, the level 100 population will empty out of the countryside, and maybe Khadgar’s Upgraded Servant will leave us the hell alone if we don’t want to run that boring quest again.  The damn thing was leaping off the ground and into the air as I flew away from Stormwind, desperately trying to draw my attention to the fact that it had a QUEST for me!!!

Seriously, the thing is a navigational menace

The thing is a navigational menace

Seriously, the first week’s event probably spoiled me for any less than epic follow on quests, but the Khadgar Exposition quests have been exceptionally tedious when compared to the initial go.

But until next week, we carry on with what we have been given, so I spoke to the obtrusive servant with Vikund and took the quest that sent me back to Dalaran-over-Karazhan, where a Combine-Legion ship was shooting its fel armaments at the floating city.

Seriously though, this could be from Half-Life 2

Seriously though, this could be from Half-Life 2

The call was the usual summons to meet up with Khadgar.

Just show up and we'll give you some gold

Just show up and we’ll give you some gold

However, this week Khadgar couldn’t be bothered to lead us around, and just sent us out to run a quick mission while he hung out in the Chamber of the Guardian.  He then summoned the guardian, we watched a ceremony run out, some dialog happened, and then I was in a phase of the room which I would guess was the exit phase, and which was packed with people.

Khadgar draws a crowd

Khadgar draws a crowd

I’m not sure if there was something else going on there or if people just went AFK during the ceremony and ended up there.  But when I managed to click on Khadgar again in that mess, he just told me to go help out by fighting invasions.

Great idea Khadgar, don’t mind if I do!  Because in the final stretch to the WoW Legion expansion, Blizzard has all the invasions running all the time.  Which means all six, three on each continent, on two hour timers.

Invasion sites in Azeroth

Invasion sites in Azeroth

I got out my level 99 druid and sent him off to an invasion immediately, where he hit level 100 before the end of the third stage.

Character six hits the level cap

Character six hits the level cap

I didn’t even stick around for the final stage.  That character is done and set for Legion, though I am still considering swapping him over to the Horde side.  I do not need two Alliance druids on the same server.

That was quick, leaving me to wonder which character to send out next.  I was pondering my level 84 Alliance warrior, with the idea of getting yet another level 100 lined up for Legion.  But I decided to try another warrior instead.

As part of my work over the weekend, I rolled up a Tauren warrior on Azuremyst as a possible character on which to use my level 100 boost.  He was sitting at level 12, all suited up in heirloom plate and weapons… I am really happy about Blizzard losing the whole “change armor types at level 40” thing… and looking for something to do.

So I brought him out to Azshara to see how things went at that level.

The downside for him was that, without a flying mount or even a full speed ground mount, chasing the high value boss mobs during stage three of the event wasn’t really viable.  I got him to the closest one, but after that trying to keep up was a non-starter, as the mobs fell before he could get there.

The upside was more than seven levels of experience in one event.

Started at 12, ended at 19... and inches from 20

Started at 12, ended at 19… and inches from 20

That went so well that I immediately flew out to the Crossroads in The Barrens to run the invasion event there.  And when I say “immediately” I mean I trundled slowly on chauffeur chopper mount that Blizz gave us some time back, rolling through Orgrimmar, Durotar, and eventually into The Barrens, where I got to the Crossroads just in time to get in on the end of stage two, and the start of stage three, which meant chasing more bosses around the zone.

Fel Reaver ahoy!

Fel Reaver ahoy!

I actually did pretty well out of that.  The bosses out in the field were arranged in a way that let me get in on a few kills.  However, once that event was done, it was time for a break while I waited for the invasions to recycle for another run.  I wasn’t keen to try and get down to Tanaris or to roam about the Eastern Kingdoms quite yet.  So it was back to Ogrimmar… this time quickly, as I picked up the flight point… to wait.

And then I realized that I needed to train the first riding skill so I could stop using the baby chariot and start using one of my many ground mounts.  So that was a flight back to Mulgore and then back to Orgrimmar, when I set myself up near the rear gate in anticipation of the next event.

When I logged back in later, the Azshara event was up and going, so I jumped right in.  Running through that put me into the 30s.

Already 30

Already 30

Then it was back to The Barrens for the event at the Crossroads, which left me at level 38.

Not a bad night’s work, getting almost seven levels an event.  It also put some money in my warrior’s pocket.  Since he is wearing heirlooms, he doesn’t need most of the reward gear, so can vendor it for more gold than a fresh character at that level is generally likely to see.

Now the question is, how far should I push with this guy.  60 seems viable, with which I think he would then get primary professions boosted to level 100 along with his adventure level, if I recall right.  Or could I/should I push this guy all the way to 100 and use my level 100 boost on another character?

I’m not sure invasions are that much fun.