Quote of the Day – The End of Legends

Within the Daybreak family, LoN seemed to be that uncle that, while still part of the family, no one ever talked about. He was always just hanging around creepily, standing in the corner sipping on a bottle of who-knows-what out of a brown paper bag.

Dellmon, Guest Post at EQ2 Wire

Legends of Norrath went dark last week and, despite a previous post about its imminent demise, I totally missed the date.  I suppose next year, when I do the month in review post, being off by ten days won’t matter much.  And frankly, to me the game itself didn’t matter much.  It was a convoluted game in a genre I don’t care for in any case.

Dellmon puts the game’s “players” into three categories in the post linked at the top, and I clearly fell into the third of the three.  I tried the game for a bit early on, then just collected the free card packs that being a Station Access subscriber got me, opening them up in hope of finding a loot card or two.

I will admit that I did get a few nice housing items out of those packs.  But it wasn’t enough for me to bend my mind to the task of opening up those card packs on a regular basis.  I think I had 80 or so sitting around unopened as the game went away.

There was a momentary glimmer of hope for the game when Smed, seeing Blizzard make a quick success out of its card game, Hearthstone, figured SOE (soon to be Daybreak) could do something like that too with Legends of Norrath.

Of course, nothing came of that.  The studio had just announced the closure of four titles in what looks like, in hindsight, pre-acquisistion house cleaning.

And so it is gone, like so many online titles before it.  I still think the high point of the game for me was when Brent from VirginWorlds was used for a card in one of the expansions.

Brent from VirginWorlds got a card

Brent on his card

That is likely to be the only card I will remember.


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – The End of Legends

  1. anon

    “The studio had just announced the closure of four titles in what looks like, in hindsight, pre-acquisistion house cleaning.”

    I don’t know, man. It looked to me that the closing of these titles was ultimately the reason SOE was sold:

    – Sony tells SOE: “Our entire conglomerate is on financial shaky ground. Do a house cleaning so we know where you stand.”
    – SOE does exactly that, writing off four titles.
    – Come next quarter, Sony says: “OMG!! look how much you wrote off in just a stroke of the pen! Do you even realise you are making the entire congloretare look bad? Now we have no choice but to get rid of you to justify the shareholders that we are working to stabilize our finantial situation.”


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anon – Yeah, that is way too convoluted. It is far more likely that Sony was cleaning house in order to make the asset that was SOE easier to sell off. And we know Sony was trying to unload it through other sources, such as Storybricks.


  3. Alex

    I remember listening to the old VW/MOG year end podcast where they said that Sony didn’t even send Brent his card. He had to get it himself. I think he traded with someone else for it.


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